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Archive for January, 2013

It’s me! Being opinionated again!

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Here I am, battling it out with Dawn O’Porter about the perils of Facebook. I was just flattered to be on the same page as someone with such great hair, but it was also fun to sink my teeth into an opion piece and fight my corner!

Collapsed in a Nightclub

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Collapsed in nightclub storyKatie’s story will have us all declining that tenth shot of Sambuca. Once a lager ladette, Katie decided to completely turn her life around after a health scare. She’s now a t-total and loving it. She told her story to Now magazine to help highlight the growing concern around binge drinking. Paving the way for a healthier lifestyle, we think Katie is an advert for sobriety!

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Twin Experience

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Tracii’s twins look out for each other. The fact that one has Down’s Syndrome and the other doesn’t makes no difference to the girls, Ruby and Derby. A celebratory story of the unbreakable bond between twins, we shared Tracii’s story with the Sun.

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