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We’re very proud to be the go-to writers for the Down’s syndrome community. Here we have Michelle, mum to the beautiful Mara. Mara is spearheading a revolution – and we’re on board! Michelle was fed up with the derogatory way doctors, nurses and people on the street spoke about her daughter. So she started a campaign – Lose the Label – to gently educate the world about choice of language used. 

The campaign has gone global. Not only have we placed Mara and Michelle’s story in Bella, the Sunday Mirror, New and Woman (those last two are yet to be published, watch this space) but around the world too. Families are joining the Lose the Label campaign from every corner of the world and each new poster helps one more person think. Well, at least one. More like one thousand. Look out for Mara on a billboard near you!

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Are Selfies The Future Of Shopping?

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I’m often asked to debate the week’s hot topics in national magazines. It’s great fun and reminds me of Debate Class, which was not on offer in my school but was in all the American films I watched as a child. I think I’d have been good at it.
This week’s debate is in Bella magazine. Word on the street is, shops are going high tech. M&S are introducing communicative mirrors and Harvey Nicks are launching i-pads in the changing rooms so you can selfie your friends for confirmation that your outfit rocks.
Whenever I debate in a magazine, I try to play fair while putting across a good argument. It’s quite fun to try and argue both sides, just to see if I can. But in this case, my feet are firmly stuck in the last century. I don’t like selfies and I don’t want them in my shops!
Treating my illness could kill me

Jo is facing an impossible situation. She has two terminal illnesses, and sadly attempting to treat one of them means the other will kill her. Her cancer doctors won’t let her pulmonary hypertension doctors treat the pulmonary hypertension, the pulmonary hypertension doctors won’t let the cancer doctors treat the cancer. In the middle of it all is Jo, the most wonderful, smiley, giggling, happy woman I’ve ever worked with. Sensibly, Jo is focusing on life’s happy moments, spending time with her son and making memories, while her army of wonderful friends raise the money she needs for potentially life saving alternative treatment in Thailand. 

Jo needs all the help she can get. If you would like to donate to her cause, please get in touch with me and I’ll direct you to her Just Giving page.
Jo’s story appeared in Reveal magazine, you can read the full story here.

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