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Archive for July, 2014

Family Relationship Story

This is the beautiful, humbling story of two sisters who share a world of fun, adventure and kindness. Oh, and one of them has Down’s syndrome… not that she lets that get in the way of her ambitions. Agi, 12, shares her story here with teen magazine Top of the Pops, explaining to readers that Magdalena, eight, has Down’s syndrome, but that’s something to be celebrated. Agi is a budding filmmaker and has been making documentaries about Magdalena for years. 

The films are a great success (have a look at Agi’s YouTube channel: Agi K) and help educate the next generation about the misunderstandings around Down’s syndrome. Agi and Maggie were delighted with their feature in Top of the Pops and Agi put her fee towards a new camera….
You can read more here…

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Feature on stories that go viral

Here we put together two of the case studies featured in Woman’s Own lifestyle piece about women who’ve experienced the whirlwind craziness of ‘going viral’ – 15 minutes of fame around the world. 

Firstly we have Boudicca, from Cardiff, who’s innocently generous idea to help out a struggling family in her area led to her being interviewed for Australian TV, then we have Charlene, who’s First Dance during her wedding to hubby Nathan was so emotional it had thousands of hits on YouTube and led to Nathan appearing on Strictly Come Dancing…
Incredible stories – no wonder they went global. You can read all about them by clicking through to the full stories:

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We love putting together lifestyle pieces for glossy magazines like Reveal. Here’s three lovely chaps appearing in Reveal to celebrate their softer side. 

Adam, the go-kart racing alpha-male with a side line in seam-stressing, Dave, the motorbike fanatic who could knit you a quick scarf and Tom, the surfer dude jewellery maker. Three great sports who challenge the stereotypical definition of what it is to be a man.
Have a look at Tom’s amazing jewellery range here too…
You can read more about our chaps here…

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Should Women Ditch Uni To Have Babies?

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Kirstie Allsopp hit headlines recently when she suggested women should find a man and have children by the age of 27, rather than going to uni, pursuing a career and putting off motherhood to their 30s or 40s. The backlash against this suggestion was phenomenal and rightly so – fancy telling young women that they should aspire to nothing more than marriage and motherhood!
I rose to the podium for Reveal Magazine, desperate to assure any young women reading that Ms Allsopp’s well meaning advice should not be taken too seriously. It seems sad in this age of feminism and female success, for a woman to go back to a time when the fairer sex just didn’t really do much. We’ve moved on. Women ACHIEVE. And it’s a wonderful thing. So let’s get women off to university and on to bettering the world.

Downs Doesn’t Define Our Children

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We are very proud of every positive story about Down’s syndrome that we feature in the national press. Each story is one step closer to a society that sees children who have Down’s syndrome as no different to children who don’t. And what a wonderful society that will be. Here we have three mums and tots starring in New Magazine. Liane, 34, from Glasgow, and son Kai, Hannah, 24, from Shropshire, with daughter Ella and last but by no means least, supermum Michelle, 45, from Cambridge, and daughter Mara. 

Why the supermum title? Michelle has been spearheading a campaign called Lose the Label for some time now and it’s a global success. Little Mara is teaching the world: See me first. Michelle and Mara recently featured in Bella and the Sunday Mirror (see our recent stories for the display) and there’s a few more in the pipeline too.

You can join the Lose the Label campaign on Facebook here.
Read more about the New story below…

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We’ve been in touch with Hayley’s family ever since they first adopted eight children from Sierra Leone. In one go! Hayley is an incredible woman. Having had two children of her own, she felt the greatest gift her family could give the world was to open their doors and arms to adoption. But not just one child or two… eight. The eight children are all brothers and sisters and Hayley knew how important it was for family to stick together. 

The almighty Jones Dozen are all living happily under one roof, storming their way through as much bread and milk as you can imagine. Have a look at this link to see the fabulous pictures the photographer took, illustrating what a happy household it is.
The story appeared in the Sunday Mirror as an exclusive at the weekend, but we have a feeling it won’t be the last you’ll see of the happy dozen.
You can read more about Hayley here.

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