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Christmas Stories

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It’s hard to believe we’re thinking about Christmas already, but here at Phoenix Features, while the summer sun shines, we’re thinking Santa and presents. If you want to sell your story and it’s seasonal, you’ve got to think ahead. Our magazines print a new issue every week and they are working on future issues all the time. So in the height of summer, we’re thinking about Christmas. By Christmas, we’ll be thinking about Mother’s Day. It’s one way to get you organised – not many people are thinking about mulled wine and festive songs while on their summer holidays.

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Our Work With Secret Surgery

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Phoenix Features loves a good partnership and we’re proud to work alongside Secret Surgery on positive, inspirational weight loss and cosmetic surgery stories. 

Secret Surgery was set up by Angela Chouaib in 2009 and has quickly grown into the most successful and renowned option for people seeking surgical procedures abroad, for less money than you’d pay in the UK. 
We’ve worked with some wonderful men and women that Angela has sent our way – head over to Angela’s website and have a look at her recent stories to see some of our greatest features, placed in national women’s magazines and national newspapers. There’s Maddison, who’s spent 25k on surgery by her 25th birthday, Emma, who lost weight naturally and turned to Angela to help with her left-over wobbly tummy and now looks absolutely stunning. Maddison’s story appeared in Reveal as well as some publications in foreign countries and the Sunday Mirror. Emma’s story appeared in Pick Me Up and will soon appear in other publications. 

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Share Your Story On Television

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Tell your story on television

We offer our clients the opportunity to tell their story on morning TV shows like Good Morning Britain and This Morning. Their sofa-interview approach is informal and perhaps less daunting that being interviewed for the news or a documentary. (Especially if you’re interviewed by the lovely Holly and Phil.

It can be a great way to further the awareness raised for your cause. Once we’ve placed your story in magazines and newspapers, going on national television can reach so many more people. And the great news is, they pay all your travel and accommodation costs as well as paying a fee to you too. Read more

Dad stole my childhood

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Here at we’ve had the honour of working with Siobhan over the last few years. We share a love of the image of the Phoenix – Siobhan named her charity the Phoenix Project and over at Siobhan is helping fellow victims of childhood abuse come to terms with their past and let go of any feelings of blame. 

Siobhan is a true heroine. Her father spent her childhood abusing her and convincing Siobhan that she was somehow responsible for the abuse. It took Siobhan a long time to realise that she was not to blame. Her father was convicted of his crimes and Siobhan now holds her head up high – a shining example to not only other victims but to anyone who’s ever considered what it is to be a good person.
Siobhan shared her story in a few magazines, in her quest to reach as many other victims as possible. Here she is in New! Magazine. You can read more here.

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Sometimes we have to write stories that stay with you forever. Gemma’s mum developed dementia was Gemma was just six years old. Zoe remains the UK’s youngest dementia diagnosis. Gemma and her younger sister Louise are absolute gems and stuck together when they were young and their mum was taken into hospital. Gemma spent her childhood acting as a surrogate mum to her little sister and now, the young women are best friends as well as sisters. 

Their story is heartbreaking, but beautiful too, as Gemma guides us through the pain of watching her mum suffer, while also figuring out how she’d cope AND be a rock to her little sis.
You can read more about Gemma’s story, featured here in New! Magazine, here.

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