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Selling a Story? Here Are The 5 Questions We Get Asked The Most.

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Here at Phoenix Features, we are an open book. We believe that in sharing with you exactly how the process of selling your story works, we can work together as a team to publish an honest and thorough story that you’re proud of.
Here are the five questions we get asked most when people are inquiring about selling their story.
1 | How much will I be paid?
This is the million dollar question. Of course, not everyone is selling their story with the prime objective of making money. Some just want to help others or spread awareness of a charity or good cause.

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Phoenix Features¬†previously sold Jodie’s story to Woman’s Own, this week their story features in Reveal. Jodie’s son, Joshua, was born with Niemann Pick Type C, or NPC, which is commonly known as Children’s Alzhiemer’s. The prognosis is heart breaking and at just seven years old, young Joshua is showing the first symptoms that will begin to change his life. He’s an absolute champ though, always smiling and soaking up every day of fun with his family.¬†

Jodie is keen to raise as much awareness as possible and is constantly fund raising for the Niemann Pick Disease Group UK. She’s raised over ¬£5000 already, while also studying for a degree and looking after two children.
Reveal always lay the story out really beautifully and we love the professional pictures that were taken of Jodie and Joshua. Jodie is using her fee for this story to pay for Joshua to fulfil one of his dreams: to swim with dolphins. An incredible experience for an incredible young boy.
To find out more about NPC, please have a look at their website here.
To read more of Jodie’s story, click here.

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