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I feel very humble to have had the opportunity to work with lovely Turia. Her strength, resilience, sense of humour and continued quest for a life filled with adventure, travel and career heights, not pity and wallow, make her the kind of woman every one of us should meet, just in the hopes some of that positivity rubs off on us.
Turia was running an ultra marathon in the Australian bush when she was caught and burnt in a bush fire. Her injuries were life threatening, but Turia battled through and is now back to doing what she does best – defying expectations. I placed her story in Reveal magazine and it’ll soon be seen in Pick Me Up too as well as a few of our foreign magazine titles.

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I Lost and Gained 33 Stone

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We’ve all been there. You proudly lose a few pounds, so you reward yourself with some cake… and before you know it, you’ve gained more than you lost. The eternal yo-yoing of the frequent dieter. For Natasha, it was a back and forth journey that lasted years and saw her lose and gain hundreds of pounds. Eventually, she broke free of the cycle of dieting and realised the secret to the success of a constant, happy, healthy weight. 

To join her, you’ll have to read her excellent book, The IntoTrim Plan, available at
Natasha’s story appeared in the Mirror and Woman Magazine. Read more below

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