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Archive for May, 2015

BRYDENnellBEST (Small)In this wonderful story, Nell learns to love her new image. After pushing herself to the limit as an extremely busy musician, Nell’s hair started falling out in clumps. Within weeks, she was diagnosed with alopecia totalis – complete hair loss. Nell was initially understandably heartbroken – her once long blonde locks were gone forever. But then a call from Gary Barlow came in, requesting Nell’s company on his tour. Gary gave Nell belief in herself, in her abilities and her beauty.

When Nell and Alistair fell in love and married, Nell was the beautiful bride she always hoped she’d be – discarding her headpiece as soon as the ceremony was over. Discovering inner confidence and inner beauty has led to a radiant outer beauty, wouldn’t you agree?

Nell’s album Wayfarer is out now and her tour dates are on her website, 

The story is in this week’s Best – check it out!

Dad bootsFather’s Day is nearly upon us and we’re looking for stories about dads. Men don’t really get much of a look-in when it comes to women’s magazines. We like to hear the female voice and where possible will always tell the story from the wife / girlfriend / daughter’s point of view. But every rule has an exception and as Father’s Day approaches, we’re looking for stories about fathers.

Maybe you’re a stay at home dad, a dad of many kids, a single dad… Whoever you are, if you have an interesting ‘dad’ story, we want to hear it! One of my favourite stories of my career remains a story about a dad who adopted the daughter of his ex-girlfriend. It was a heartbreaker and we’ve remained friends, so I’ve been lucky enough to watch him continue to bring up his children beautifully over the passing years. Dad stories might be rare, but there’s never a better time to celebrate dads than now, in the run up to Father’s Day.

All you SuperDads, come tell your story!