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School supplies.It’s been another super week of stories at Phoenix Towers. After a week off (swanning around the South of France topping up my tan and showing off my GCSE standard French) I returned to my beloved office raring to go. I’ve been writing up a feature about a survivor of the July 7th terrorist attacks which brought London to its knees ten years ago. Kristina’s life changed that day and she went through an incredibly difficult but soul searching few years, finally finding peace trekking in Papua New Guinea in 2014. It’s a powerful story and you can read it in New! Magazine next week.

I’ve also been writing about the country’s youngest pageant star – hitting her first pageantry stage at the tender age of 22 days old. And the heart warming story of young lovers torn apart by teenage angst, only to be reunited six years later, older, wiser and ready for life together. Which is lucky as they soon found out they were having twins. The story of love and adventure will be seen in Take a Break Summer Specials soon.

My pencil is primed and ready, so if you have a story to sell and would like to sell it with me, then please get in touch today. All enquiries are handled sensitively and I’ll explain how the process works before I ask you to share your story.

Merci beaucoup! (I’ll stop doing that soon.)

WITNEYsun (Small)Last week we had this wonderfully colourful story in the Sun newspaper. It’s not the first time we’ve helped Witney tell her story, for when baby Romany Rose was born, we told the story of Witney’s wildly expensive baby gifts for her. Witney loves nothing more than to buy lots and lots of pressies for her baby daughter. As Romany approached her first birthday, Witney started organising the biggest, best, balloon filled, bouncy birthday party a one year old could ever dream of. I’m talking a £450 princess castle birthday cake, 500 balloons, three bouncy castles, seven princesses, one Spiderman, dozens of presents including a baby Range Rover.

The Sun ran the feature accompanied by some fantastic photography by our very own photographer Gareth Iwan Jones, who attended the party. (Perhaps his first 1 year old’s birthday party) Romany Rose is one lucky lady and her story will soon be seen in Bella magazine too.

If you spend thousands on your kids, and would like to sell your story, please get in touch today!

This week I’ve mostly been writing…

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blank sheet in a typewriterWhat a varied week of writing. I’ve had the honour and pleasure of writing about an incredible couple who made their way through the realisation that one of them was gay, supported each other and their children throughout and remained the best of friends. Truly inspiring and coming to Bella magazine soon. I also wrote about a young woman of 14 who lost her leg to cancer, but showed such maturity, grace and wisdom that her story will teach us all a thing or two about appreciation and seizing the day, for Take a Break summer special magazine.

I’ve written about women who keep their spending secret from their husbands (we’ve all been there) and women who’s lives were changed by a photograph. I’ve written an in depth examination of the impact of social media on vulnerable young women and a feature highlighting the secretive, awful world of breeding dog farms.

Every week, I get to write the most interesting, varied, inspiring stories. I think I might have the best job in the world!

If you’d like me to write your story, please get in touch today.

THOMASlindyWO (Small)Two fantastic stories out this week – both in Woman’s Own! Firstly we have the real life Rapunzel Keeley, who grew her hair super long twice, so she could cut it off to help other children. And secondly, the inspirational stories of Sadie, Jojo and Heather, three women who left behind the rat race for a new life in far away lands.

Pick up a copy of this week’s Woman’s Own to see our stars shining.

If you have a story you’d like to sell, of how you escaped the rat race to do something unusual with your life, or perhaps your daughter, like Keeley, went above and beyond to help others, then we’d like to hear from you. RatRace (Small)

Inspirational weight loss – for The Sun

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WELLSeloiseSUN (Small)Really proud of the lovely Eloise’s story in today’s Sun. The inspirational fitness fanatic has come a long way from her days at uni, spending all her student loan on kebabs, cheap shots and clothes that didn’t quite fit. It took a long road but Eloise is now a happy and healthy size eight, with an emphasis on being strong, not skinny.

She works in a gym, is training to be a PT and nutritionist and is generally a million miles from her old self. But reflecting on what she experienced in her uni years makes Eloise the insightful, intelligent woman she is today.

If you have a strong weight loss story like Eloise’s and would like to sell your story to the national press, please get in touch today.

Pick up today’s Sun to read Eloise’s story in full!