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Archive for July, 2015

HICKSbethBella (Small)This week’s star story features in Bella magazine. In light of news that there’s a safer, more precise test on the way that will prenatally confirm whether your baby has Down’s syndrome, the Down’s syndrome community are left devastated. The test, potentially available on the NHS soon, could lead to more terminations, which, as thousands of parents in the Down’s syndrome world will tell you, is to miss out on life with incredible children who will change you for the better.

This story interviews two mums who wouldn’t change a thing about their children, to highlight that an increase in terminations is a very sad forecast indeed.

Please check out this week’s Bella for the full story.

We work closely with the Down’s syndrome community to ensure that stories of this nature are handled with respect and sensitivity. If you have a story you’d like to share, please get in touch with me today.

DOYANCkellyMIrror (Small)Over the last decade, there’s been a swathe of ‘Turkish Love Rat’ stories in the UK media. We love them – British woman goes to Turkey, falls in love, gets screwed over. The reason I love this story so much is it completely turns that cliche on its head. Kelly did indeed fall in love while on holiday in Turkey, but her man, Ali, has been her rock while she’s battled incurable cancer. Their love is genuine, sweet and it’s forever. We need more stories like this in our media – happy, life affirming stories that give us all hope!

This was published in the Mirror a few days ago. You can read the full story online here. 

If you have a love story you’d like to share, we can help you sell your story. Call or email me today and we’ll discuss!

Orgasm2 (Small) (1)This week we placed this incredibly interesting story in Grazia magazine. Speaking honestly and openly, Bea tells us about her sexual history and how a desire to orgasm led her to fake orgasms so much that she feels she can’t backtrack. Grazia treated the story with sensitivity and grace and highlighted some of the ways Bea could try to help herself, with advice from sex and behaviour therapist Jo Hemmings.

Please do check it out in this week’s Grazia.

If you have a story to sell about your sex life, we’d love to hear it. All stories are discussed in the strictest confidence and like Bea, your story can be anonymous if you so wish. Thank you!

LawrenceKristinaNew (Small)It seems eerily strange that the terrorist attacks that shook London to its core happened ten years ago today. It feels like a long time ago, and yet only yesterday. Suicide bombers killed commuters on buses and tubes in a choreographed attack.

Kristina was one of the survivors and went on to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Survivor’s Guilt, consumed with confusion over why it had happened, why she’d survived when others had died, and what she could have done differently. It’s taken her the best part of a decade to accept the devastating consequences of the day. It was only last year, conquering a trek in Papua New Guinea, that Kristina felt at peace with the past. She is now raising money for Australian charity R U OK? Which strives to help suicidal people communicate before it’s too late. A concept very close to Kristina’s heart.

Kristina’s story accompanies other survivors in this week’s New Magazine.

SecretBrides (Small)This week sees our compilation story about three brides who married in secret, appear in Bella magazine. Leanne, Julie and Gail all knew 150 guests and the stress that goes with it, just wasn’t for them.

Their stories make for a great read, so please do buy Bella this week. Makes you think about the average cost of a UK wedding – nearing £20,000 last time I read a statistic. Crazy money! These brides are on to something.

If you married in secret, or abroad, or had a themed wedding and you’d like to sell your story, let me know. We love weddings with a twist here, and magazines pay well for unusual wedding stories.