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Archive for August, 2015

iStock_000018228934XSmallAs always at Phoenix Towers, it’s been busy. While the August sun flirts with the clouds, we’ve been focusing on Christmas and all things festive. We’ve been writing stories about people who stuck to their new year resolutions, people who’ve come a long way since last Christmas, and people who gave birth to twins and triplets on Christmas Day. It’s a funny old thing, writing about Christmas in August, but by December, we’ll be looking at Mother’s Day, and so the world continues to spin!

On a non-Christmas front, we’ve seen our beautiful story of Karen and her younger-fella unite to look after their baby daughter, for Prima Baby. We’ve seen our examination of what happens when one half of a couple is a gymophobic and the other is a gymaholic, as seen in Fabulous, and mum Helen’s story of how her son was lost in a world of autism, in Woman’s Own. The people we write about continue to inspire and amaze us.

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ROWLANDSwitneyBella (Small)Debates are raging about this story, seen here in this week’s Bella magazine. How much should we spend on a baby’s first birthday? For Witney, nothing was out of reach. She wanted to give her baby the most dazzling, incredible party ever. Three bouncy castles, seven princesses, a huge cake and 100 cupcakes. Too much? Witney says friends came from far and wide and everyone had a terrific day, so what’s not to love?
We sent our photographer along for the day and as you can see from his pictures, it was an extraordinarily colourful and thoughtful day. One day baby Romany will look through these pictures and see how much her mum loves her. Happy Birthday Romany Rose!

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