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Archive for September, 2015

GraziaTheOne (Medium)As we get older, life gets more complicated. The chances of being the first person your boyfriend / girlfriend ever loved, are pretty slim. But what happens if he’s still in love with his ex? Then you’re in a pickle. He says he loves you, but she’s still hanging around like a moth to a light and you’re pretty sure you’re never going to feel like a priority. It’s a tough situation and one that Sam wanted to explore with Grazia in order to help other women in her position. As Sam said to us when we started working together, she can’t be the only woman going through this.


Grazia delved into the subtle disappointments Sam feels every time she sees her mother-in-law, who always ‘accidentally on purpose’ calls Sam by her son’s ex-girlfriend’s name and still has framed pictures of the happy couple adorning her walls. What’s Sam to do? She hasn’t got the answer, but we think Sam is absolutely lovely and we hope she finds a way to feel more loved in future, if not by Jack, then by someone more deserving.


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This is not an easy subject matter, but one that Katy and I felt was so important to share. Medical terminations are performed for a variety of reasons and are a complex and emotional decision for any mother to have to make. Katy never thought she’d be in a position to have to terminate a pregnancy, but for three unrelated and unfortunate reasons, she has had to go through the trauma and tragedy three times.

Notebook (the supplement magazine inside the Sunday Mirror) dealt with the delicate subject matter with grace and sensibility.  You can read the full story here. 

Katy has had a great response to her story from sympathetic members of the public and we’ll next be telling her story in Woman’s Own, to further a need to break the taboo about terminations.

If you’d like to share your story of going through a similar journey to Katy, then we’d love to help you share it sensitively, in a way that helps other families. Please contact me today for an initial chat.

Here at Phoenix Features, we love a story that makes us smile. And little Erin knows just how to make us smile. When Beth fell pregnant aged 17, she knew the road ahead would be tricky, but rewarding. Naysayers figured she wouldn’t be able to cope when her daughter was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

But Beth and Erin have other ideas. They’re here to show the world it doesn’t matter how old you, if you’re happy and you know it then you’re really got to show it…

One look at this mum and daughter smiling away like Cheshire cats and I think we can all agree that they make each other’s lives complete. You can read more about Beth in this week’s Pick Me Up, or below.



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EVANSkellie (Medium)From the most photogenic family in the world comes the story of Kellie and the journey her children have taken her on. When her sons were diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome, Kellie feared they’d never be the firemen and doctors she’d once hoped.

It turns out, they’d be so much more.
A gorgeous story about a mum discovering her children, sensitively told by Take a Break.

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You can read more about Kellie here…
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Masa stnde not defteri, kalem ve ieklerAnother week has flown by – and this week, we’ve been writing about some very special, beautiful children. Children who have had to put up with way more than their fair share of medical problems, like little Annabel, who has broken more than 70 bones in the six years of her life. Makes you think about moaning about life’s little grumbles when Annabel never, ever complains about her broken bones. She may break her bones, but she’ll never break her spirit. (Am I paraphrasing William Wallace there?)

We’ve been in festive mode, writing about twins born at Christmas and a bride and groom who married on New Year’s Eve. Which is odd in September, with the sun shining through the window. Then to finish the week off, a story about women who are thanking someone for saving their life, which has a lovely feel good factor perfect for the end of the week. Happy weekend, everyone!

SchoolSport (Medium)So thrilled with my story in this month’s Essentials magazine. Not only do our lovely ladies Michelle, Cazz and Karen look super-fit, their stories are inspiring and wonderful. School sports tend to get forgotten as we enter adult life but these women are testament to the fact that a little bit of an old school sport can pay dividends for your health, fitness and social life.

You can read the story in Essentials this month.

If you would like to share a story about how a sport helped you change your life, we’d love to hear it. Please get in touch today!SchoolSportHockeyNetball (Medium)

Well where does the time go? A new week, a new raft of fascinating stories that make me proud to be a writer.

I’ve been writing about some amazing kids this week. One little girl certainly gets the bravery award, for she has a condition which has led to 70 broken bones already, and she’s only five. But she’s an absolute champ who loves nothing more than digging for worms in her garden and grilling her mother about the gravitational pull of the universe. She hasn’t got time to feel sorry for herself as she is too busy figuring out the world, and that’s something we could all learn from.

Also inspiring me to appreciate life this week are the three stories in my ‘you saved my life’ feature – three women who are saying a public thank you to the people who saved their lives. The world is full of wonderful people. And I get to write about them!

As always I’d love to hear your story, so please get in touch today!

PhotoChangedLife (Medium)Today’s story, out in Woman’s Own this week, tells the tale of three women who’s lives were changed in one moment. One pivotal moment that took them down an unexpected journey. One pivotal moment that we were lucky enough to have a photograph of! For Nicky, it was the photo of a malnourished, abused dog that needed rescuing. For Janey, it was a profile picture of a handsome man she knew instantly that she was destined to marry. And for Sarah, it was a photo of her two sons bonded that made her realise how lucky she was to have Pip in her life, and sparked off a passion for photography that still sparkles to this day.

I found writing all three stories fascinating and inspiring and I’m so thrilled to get to write about women like these – courageous, bold, wonderful women.

You can catch this story in Woman’s Own all week, and read more below. If you’d like to share the story of the moment your life changed forever, please get in touch today.
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