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Archive for October, 2015

Here’s our Laura again, having previously told her story in Fabulous, now in Woman magazine, explaining how much she struggles to make friends as an adult. In the fast paced, crazy world of social media, it’s easy to think everyone has a thousand friends and everyone’s having a great time, but as Laura explains, the truth isn’t always as simple as that. Laura has spoken out with such courage – it’s not easy to admit you don’t have any friends. And her story serves to remind us all that it’s our real world friendships that matter most.

I really enjoy writing stories about friendship, I think they are the cornerstone to every woman’s life. So if you have a friendship story you’d like to share, please get in touch today. Laura’s been an absolute delight to work with and we have even become friends in the process!

This week in Bella, best friends Cath and Claire tell their incredible story. When they met, both women were overweight. Then Claire started the Cambridge Weight Plan and transformed into the slim, healthy woman you can see in the pictures. Inspired, Cath followed suit. Only once Cath had lost weight did she discover a lump in her breast that turned out to be advanced and aggressive cancer. Had she not lost weight, she wouldn’t have found the lump.

Cath won her cancer battle and both women are now a fit and healthy size, they’re both Cambridge Weightloss consultants and both enjoying their fabulous friendship, their lives changed forever!

Cath and Claire were great to work with and their story celebrates friendship, while serving as a stark reminder to all women, make sure you check your breasts. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so buy a copy of Bella and help spread awareness!

If you have a friendship or health story you’d like to share, please get in touch today.

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We really do get to write about the most wonderful people in the world. Like young Florence, a little lady with a big smile, a smile that’s been seen all around the world. Her beautiful story will be seen in Take a Break soon, and guaranteed, it’ll make you smile too!

We’ve also been writing about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which is what happens to babies when the mother drinks excessively during pregnancy. It’s certainly a startling and sad prognosis for a child and one that we’re raising awareness of in a few upcoming magazines. More on this to follow.

And also this week, we’re looking for women who look better now than they did 20-odd years ago, through weight loss, surgery, fitness and adventure. So if you fit the bill for that one, please do get in touch and sell your story with us today.

Thank you!