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Archive for November, 2015

MUNDAYsallyBella (Medium)Jingle Bells! We’ve been working on our Christmas stories since the final days of the summer, so it’s great to see them come to fruition now the nights are drawing in. Here we have the lovely Sally and her twins, Monty and Barnaby. Note, Monty and Barnaby own Christmas jumpers with their names stitched on to them. Want!

The twins gave their mum a scare when they arrived early on Christmas Day last year. Due in February, Sally and husband Sam are now making Christmas Day morning all about the boys birthday, and Christmas Day afternoon all about Christmas. Phew! A lovely story that celebrates the twins arrival while praising the incredible work of hospital staff who see in their Christmasses looking after newborns.

If you have a Christmas story, get in touch today, we only have a few Christmas pages left!

Matite colorateWe’ve had a flurry of stories published this week and it’s been great to see so many of our stories come to fruition in such quick succession. Leona and Rachael have starred in the Mirror, explaining the brilliant reasons they didn’t quite make it to consummating their marriages. You can read about that here. Then we had weight loss star Vikki telling Best Magazine how she’s shed the pounds since last Christmas – that one is still on the shelves for a few more days so don’t miss it!

The incredible story of SuperMum Sarah, who adopted Amy, a child living with the lifelong burden of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (her birth mother drank heavily during the pregnancy) – is out in Pick Me Up this week. And news just in – Sarah used her payment from the magazine to buy her fiance an engagement ring, so it’s a very happy day today!

And finally, the brilliant, fun story of Taylor-Rae, who splashes the cash on someone very special – click here to find out who, in this week’s Sun Newspaper.

Well, it’s officially Christmas! With the arrival of Amy’s story in My Weekly, where she describes the early arrival of her twins on Christmas Day. The little’uns certainly kept Amy on her toes and gave her an unusual Christmas experience – hello hospital, incubators, stockings hung from hospital beds. Amy found the whole experience incredibly overwhelming and wants to pay-it-forward this year by delivering some pressies to those in a similar situation this festive season.

Catch her story in the My Weekly double issue, out now.

If you’ve got a Christmassy story, we don’t have long left, magazine pages are filling up fast! Contact us today.

WELLStiffanyPrima1A story to celebrate the powerful connection between mother and daughter, here’s Tiffany in Prima’s Baby and Pregnancy Magazine out this month. Tiffany had been overweight before taking diet and exercise to the extreme, seeing her weight drop to a dangerous new low. It was the birth of Tiffany’s adorable daughter Amber, that taught her she couldn’t mess with her health anymore. Wanting to set a good example for her daughter, as well as be as fit and healthy as she could be so she can keep up with Amber’s toddler-energy, Tiffany is now a healthy weight and happier than ever.

Obesity and anorexia are tricky subject matters to cover, but Prima have done a superb job. If you’re keen to share your weight-related story, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

In Fabulous last Sunday, the incredible story of mum and daughter Louise and Hannah, who together went through hell at the hands of a bully. Hannah, now a stunning and confident 19 year old, was bullied from the age of nine. The bullying was relentless and cruel, and left Hannah so vulnerable and afraid that she refused to leave her bedroom for three years.

Three pivotal years – Hannah missed her GCSEs, her A levels, the shopping trips and sleepovers with friends that are more crucial to our confidence and character formation than any of us might realise. Eventually, a doctor earned Hannah’s trust and she opened her bedroom door.  Slowly, with the never ending support of Louise and the family, Hannah built up her confidence and left the house.

Now, Hannah is flourishing. She’s in full time work, she’s modelling and winning beauty competitions. She’s passed her driving test and she’s in love – a happy ending to a traumatic time.

Hannah and I have some other exciting features lined up so you’ll be seeing more of her as I proudly show off how far she’s come!

Creative Writing ConceptIt’s officially winter and here at Phoenix Towers, the heating is on full blast, the kettle is on constantly and the slippers have come out of the box marked ‘Wear In Winter.’ We’ve been writing some great stories this week. Putting together a feature about newlyweds going on adventures, we hunted high and low on the world wide web for a couple who had volunteered in Africa, and thanks to the wonders of Google, eventually found a beautiful couple who eschewed the usual beach / cocktail / sunbathing honeymoon in favour of three months observing lions, zebras and elephants in their natural habit in Thanda, South Africa. It was an absolute joy to find and interview this lovely couple who have made it their married mission to raise awareness about animal welfare. I look forward to sharing their story with you soon.

We love hearing stories about people volunteering, both in their own community and in developing countries. So if you’ve been on an adventure with a charitable twist, please do get in touch today and let us write about you!