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Archive for December, 2015

Oh little Annabel… this story melts my little heart. Annabel has osteogenesis imperfecta – which sadly means her bones break very easily. Annabel has captured my heart with her inquisitive, intelligent, adventurous spirit. This is a soul that won’t be shaken by broken bones. This is a soul that explores. She’s incredible and I think given five minutes in her shoes I’d be a wreck, so she’s an inspiration to me. This story was given to me by Gail at Wipe Away Those Tears, another incredible human! Gail has set up a fund to help little people like Annabel out with much-needed equipment or just a gift to make poorly kids smile. It’s such a lovely philosophy and we’re proud to support Gail in her endeavours.

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I’ve been working with the NHS on some incredibly humbling stories about organ and blood donations. Here is Tor, born with cystic fibrosis, in desperate need of a new pair of lungs. Tor was incredibly articulate and wise about the complex nature of needing new lungs. You desperately want them, but you know in order for you to receive new lungs, someone else has to give them away… and we know what that means. Tor is forever grateful to her donor and their family and takes comfort in knowing that her donor lives on inside her, with every healthy breathe she is now lucky enough to take.

Organ donation is a wonderful thing – our final gift back to the world before we rejoin the stars. Three people die each day while waiting for a transplant because there are not enough people signed up to give their organs away. It’s hard to think about for sure, but a wonderful thing to do. Sign up online at

Tor’s story is in this week’s New! Magazine. Happy Christmas Tor!

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Mirror SchumerlrAs a huge fan of Amy Schumer and everything she’s achieved in the name of funny, I love that she’s now also being loved for loving her not-a-size-zero body and oozing confidence while other Hollywood leading ladies are slogging it out in the gym. When Schumer posed naked for the 2016 Pirelli calendar, we wanted to find some other curvy women who, like Amy, refuse to spend their lives bowing to societal pressure to be stick-thin. I was so proud of my girls, Hannah, Jade and Daniella, who all jumped at the chance to recreate Amy’s now famous photoshoot.

It doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as you’re kind to yourself and you’re happy. That’s the powerful message these three beautiful ladies are sending our way.

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GreatestGiftEssentialsIn this month’s Essentials Magazine, we have the absolutely gorgeous trio Jo, Louise and Paula. Jo thanks her canine partner, Derby, for giving her back independence after an accident left Jo needing a wheelchair. Derby has brought confidence and joy to Jo and her family.

Louise thanks her parents for helping to fund the IVF that led Louise to become a proud mum of three – a wonderful story of family uniting to create family. And blooming gorgeous Louise’s children are too.

Paula thanks her husband for helping her overcome chronic anxiety, leading her to now live the most adventurous , wonderful life I’ve ever known. From being too anxious to leave the house, to learning how to be an astronaut – this lady knows how to make up for lost time. Three inspiring stories for the feel-good Christmas issue of Essentials – out now.

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