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Archive for February, 2016

WATSONdonnaPrimaA most uplifting story in this month’s Prima Baby, featuring Donna King, who suffered a stroke shortly after giving birth. Recovering at home, she had to relearn to walk. Inspired by the efforts of her toddler daughter, Donna surprised the doctors with her amazing recovery. An inspiring story about the power of love and healing! Huge thank you to Donna for sharing her incredible story with us.

If you have a health story you’d like to share, please get in touch today. Thanks!

PeopleIssue04pg92 (1) (Medium)I love the look of this feature – what a fantastically visual skill Nic has. Here she is sharing her body art with us for the People Magazine, South Africa. They’ve done a fab job of styling the story to make it look as brilliant as it deserves. I can’t quite imagine having the patience, imagination or skill to do what Nic does but she’s very good at it and I loved interviewing her about her craft.

If you have an unusual skill or hobby please do get in touch today. Thank you!

Another week has flown by – busy as we ever are writing about the wonderful women we write about! We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the leap year, here at Phoenix. We’re writing about love, love and more love.
We’ve written a wonderful story about a teen mum who decided to parent by doing the exact opposite of what her parents had done. Neglected and denied praise or cuddles as a child, she’s given her children a foundation of support, love and encouragement. As a result, they are thriving, charming, adorable kids. This will be published soon and we’ll be raving about it again then – it’s a wonderful, feel good story.

Talking of wonder-mums, we’ve also written the story of Tracey and her THREE sets of twins, all naturally conceived. So that’s six children, all twins. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying, but Tracey and her husband have taken it all in their stride. We sold Tracey’s story to the Sunday Mirror and it’ll also appear in That’s Life soon… and beyond!

Supermums of the world: get in touch today! Let’s celebrate you.

This absolutely beautiful story appeared in Take a Break this week. Featuring grandmother Monica, who has been looking after her granddaughter Alexandra for 40 years, since the tragic and untimely death of her daughter, Cookie. Alexandra has Down’s syndrome and Monica has been her biggest champion through the decades.

They are grandmother and granddaughter, friends, companions, thick as thieves. It’s not often we get to write stories that span such a long time but it was one that had us hooked. Isn’t Alexandra beautiful? She comes from a huge family and she is the beating heart at the centre of all their lives.

If you have a story that spans decades and you’d like to share it, please get in touch today.

Notebook on a wooden tableSomehow, Christmas happened. Then somehow stole January and now, it’s February 2016 and we’ve hardly had time to write and thank Santa! The new year brings some incredible new stories. We’ve been writing about parenting with the story of Kelly, the amazing mum of triplets who were all diagnosed shortly after birth with varying degrees of cerebral palsy.

We’re shared stories of women thanking those who saved their lives and those who gave them the greatest gift of all time. We tackled tough subject matter in miscarriage and looked at how important blood donations are in saving lives across the country. (seriously: give blood)

It’s been a wonderful start to a wonderful year. Expect lots of herbal tea, notebooks and flowers to continue to inspire Phoenix Towers!