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Archive for July, 2016

DSUO.TAB (Large)This is a campaign very close to my heart. I have proudly worked alongside the Down’s syndrome community for almost as long as I have been a professional feature writer and we have worked tirelessly to ensure women’s magazines celebrate Down’s syndrome.

This piece in Take a Break covers a recent peaceful protest held outside Parliament by members of the Down’s syndrome community in light of a new procedure that could see a dramatic increase in terminations when a Down’s syndrome diagnosis is given and thus, less people in a community so diverse, rich and wonderful, it would be a calamity to society as a whole.

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In this week’s Best magazine, the feel-good story of three women refusing to let naysayers stand in their way, crush their dreams or dampen their spirit. I love this kind of story, it makes me want to fist-bump the air and say YEAH! I’m particularly inspired by Kathy, because I’m going grey at a rate of knots and despise society’s expectation for women to hide and dye every grey strand, lest we embrace our age!

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