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Here’s the lovely Kitten on yesterday’s This Morning, live from L.A at the unearthly hour of 3am! There’s an unfortunate time delay but Kitten deals with it like the pro that she is and shows us around her spectacular apartment. We organised this interview for Kitten after her story featured in Best magazine and there’s a few more interviews in the pipeline too. She’s such fun to work with, her character is every bit as pink as her apartment!

You can follow Kitten on Instagram here.

How to make babies in the 21st century

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With the first of the May bank holiday weekends thoroughly enjoyed, it must be time to officially call it summer, yes? Here at Phoenix Features we’ve been writing lots of stories about IVF and sperm donation, as a recent report suggested there’s a shortage of sperm donors these days, due in part to the introduction of a law that means anyone conceived by this method has the legal right to know who their biological father is when they’re 18 years old. It’s a real shame that’s putting men off the idea – head on over to our ‘recent stories’ page to have a look at how wonderful this way of making babies can be!

If you’re in this community and you’d like to celebrate the way you made your children, get in touch today! We’d love to hear from you.

I’m really enjoying writing about sperm donation and single women seeking out this wonderful way of making their dreams come true. I’ve had a few articles published on this topic now and this latest one, in Reveal, is a fantastic celebration of women becoming mums despite not having found a man to parent with.

These aren’t necessarily career women who put off having children, but also women who never found the right man, or had health circumstances get in the way of something they always presumed would just happen the old fashioned way. When it didn’t, they stepped up. And now look at their gorgeous babies!


How beautiful are Michala’s kids?! Absolute stunners. This story in today’s Best celebrates a unique family. Michala created her children using a sperm donor and they are all full sibling. The idea of private AI (artificial insemination) has a bit of a shady reputation but Michala is testament to the fact that it can be done with professionalism and a mutual understanding of the rules. She’s lucky to have found a man like Martin who is altruistic, kind and considerate. All great traits for the man who has fathered three of her kids!

Out now in Best.