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Cash For Grades? Woman’s Own Magazine

This week we had a look at whether offering your teenagers financial incentives for their studying was beneficial. I love a good debate – in Woman’s Own the lovely Joanna took the blue corner, explaining that she supports her children with hugs and encouragement but does not think bribes do anything other than put the child under more stress.
And in the red corner, we have Deborah, who was happy to stand on her soapbox explaining that she sees no problem with giving a reward to her children for studying hard. In the real grown up world, we’re all paid for our hard work, so is it any different? That’s the big question! Both sides argued their points eloquently and I’m sure there’s no right or wrong – every child is different.

Look out for the story in this week’s Woman’s Own and get in touch if you’d like to debate the issues hitting the headlines.