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I Was Meant To Be Their Mum

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Here is Super Mum Christina sharing her story in Prima, the lovely parenting magazine. Foster mum Christina has taken two very special children under her wing permanently, and when you read about Mikey and Dean we think you’ll understand why. Gorgeous family – read more here…

Christina loved being a foster mum. But there were two very special children who she just couldn’t let leave her family…

Christina, 53, explains:

After I’d had four children, I was a single mum and wanted to help other kids who hadn’t had it as lucky as my own.

In 2004, I qualified as a foster parent.

I had a few children come to me – all with different stories. Some for a week, some for a few months. Then along came Dean.

As soon as he was in my arms, I know he was going to be mine forever. There was no way I could have ever let him go. Read more

New Year Old You

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We love putting together lifestyle pieces for glossy magazines, especially when it might encourage people to reignite a passion for a long lost hobby. (Might have something to do with a long lost love of tap dancing ourselves…)


Here’s Cecile and Fiona, appearing in Woman Magazine celebrating their love of childhood hobbies. Read all about it here.

A recent survey revealed that £18.4billion is spent a year on hobbies – about £384 a year per hobbyist. But of those surveyed, one in ten people have had to abandon their favourite hobby entirely, which for many means a drop in their quality of life. For Fiona and Cecile, going back to their childhood hobbies has given them a new lease of life…


Babies Who Taught Us So Much

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We work closely with the Down’s Syndrome community and are proud of how positive a message we’re getting in the media. We are determined to change attitudes to special needs families and with the help of gorgeous kids like these, it’s easy. Here Hayley, Anita and Rachel share their celebratory stories…

In celebration of World Down’s Syndrome Day, these mums share their stories…


Rachel, 42, mum to Rosie, 16 months. “I was scared she’d change my life, now I’m glad she has!”

I could tell as soon as I looked at Rosie that she had Down’s Syndrome. I couldn’t help but fast forward twenty years and feel terrified of what the future held.
The euphoria at giving birth was replaced by fear and I wish I’d know then I had nothing to fear.

Anna is a shining example of fitness – and she doesn’t want any women thinking that just because they aren’t built like Cameron Diaz, they’re not fit and fabulous. Anna spoke up in Best magazine to show readers the true meaning of fitness.

Just saying – you don’t have to be thin to be fit.
Anna, 36, says:
Fat back, chunky arms – that’s what people think when they see me coming.
You probably think I’m a layabout, right? Wrong. I get it all the time. When I enter my Zumba class, people think I’m there to dawdle at the back. When I go to the front of the room and take charge, their faces are a picture.
How can I possibly do up to eight hours of exercise a day and still wear a size 14?

Dedicate a Story to your Mum this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is almost upon us, the perfect time to show our beloved mothers how grateful we are for all their love and devotion. Some choose to bestow gifts of gratitude or simply a day out that shows that although you don’t always show it you are eternally grateful for their unwavering support.

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We’re Looking for True Life Stories to Sell

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Real life stories are commonly the most popular stories. Most magazines and newspapers rely on these stories to sell publications but have you ever wondered where they get these stories from? It’s you; they come from people not so different from yourself. Here at Phoenix Features, you can share these true life experiences and stories. We help to sell your true life stories to various magazines and newspapers. And we do this for free; yes for free. So, if you have ever thought, ‘I have true life stories to sell,’ then look no further!

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The 5 Simple Steps to Selling Your Story

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Selling your story is simple and once you have made initial contact with the team at Phoenix Features we will follow a few steps that will get you on your way to selling your story to a news paper and/or magazine and get you paid up to £2000 for doing so.

We will tell you if we think newspapers and magazines will be interested in your story and whether or not it is worth pursuing the sale of your real life story.

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Buy My Story! Find Out How to Sell a Personal Story

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Have you or someone you know been fighting a battle against illness or a difficult situation? Maybe you are in awe of someone who has been in dire straits but has maintained their will to overcome and succeed. It is resilient people like this that inspire and their battles make for engaging and comforting reading for others whether in a similar situation or not. If this is you or you would like to pay homage to someone you admire for their strength of will then we would love to hear from you. This is not only a great way to reach out to people who need the comfort of someone going through the same or similar situation; this is a great way to raise awareness for a particular campaign or fund raising event. But don’t just turn up on a publisher’s doorstep pleading ‘please buy my story’, let the experts organise your story in a way which means they can’t refuse!

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New Year, New Story. What is Your Story?

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Welcome back! If you have had a Christmas break we hope you have had a delightful one and the festive holidays have prepared you for the year ahead. The team at Phoenix Features are all set and prepared for what the New Year has to throw at us and we’re sure there’ll be plenty of stories to keep us going. Christmas is usually a period of revelations, not to mention January is the month of resolutions. What is your story? We’d love to hear from you.

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Triplets – Three’s a crowd.

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We loved seeing Claire’s story appear in Prima Pregnancy and Birth. The photography was beautiful and the story tells itself

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