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A metaphor for Brexit if ever there was one.

Whatever’s happening in Westminster right now is taking over all the headlines, yet leaves us feeling overwhelmed and, dare we say it, bored! Brexit Fatigue, anyone? It’s got to be a thing! Over here at Phoenix, we prefer to write about good news. About women doing extraordinary things, overcoming hurdles, raising money for good causes and generally being all round brilliant human beings.

Which is more than we can say for politicians right now. This is why we love women’s magazines. They give us a much needed time out – every Tuesday and every Thursday, we get a little treat when our favourite magazines are published. We hope women’s magazines survive the armageddon that is Brexit and keep us entertained and inspired for a long time yet!

Phoenix Turns Ten!

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Ten mighty years ago, I started out as a newbie freelancer. After a year working at the nation’s biggest and best mega-agency, SWNS, my friend and I launched Phoenix Features together. After a few years I went solo and have been running my little enterprise ever since. I have a little team of helpers who support various aspects of the business and I couldn’t do it without them. Nor would I still be here if it wasn’t for the amazing commissioning editors I work with every day.

So I went to London and took them all out for drinks. I schmoozed them, for they deserve a schmoozing. I met with the lovely ladies of Best, Woman’s Own, Bella, Chat and Take a Break during a whistle stop tour of London.

Here I am with my editors – amazing women who always take the time to read my stories and hear my pitches – who knows if there’s another ten years left in this industry (please keep buying magazines!) but it’s been a hell of a ride so far. I’ve written about so many people, so many things, so many adventures and escapades – it’s my dream job.

The lovely ladies of Woman’s Own, Chat, Pick Me Up & Woman magazines.

Here’s the lovely Kitten on yesterday’s This Morning, live from L.A at the unearthly hour of 3am! There’s an unfortunate time delay but Kitten deals with it like the pro that she is and shows us around her spectacular apartment. We organised this interview for Kitten after her story featured in Best magazine and there’s a few more interviews in the pipeline too. She’s such fun to work with, her character is every bit as pink as her apartment!

You can follow Kitten on Instagram here.

How to make babies in the 21st century

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With the first of the May bank holiday weekends thoroughly enjoyed, it must be time to officially call it summer, yes? Here at Phoenix Features we’ve been writing lots of stories about IVF and sperm donation, as a recent report suggested there’s a shortage of sperm donors these days, due in part to the introduction of a law that means anyone conceived by this method has the legal right to know who their biological father is when they’re 18 years old. It’s a real shame that’s putting men off the idea – head on over to our ‘recent stories’ page to have a look at how wonderful this way of making babies can be!

If you’re in this community and you’d like to celebrate the way you made your children, get in touch today! We’d love to hear from you.

Is it too soon to say it’s spring? January has flown by and there is definite floral evidence in the garden that winter is waving goodbye and spring is waving hello. We’re super busy at Phoenix Towers, writing about all things Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and beyond.

We’ve been working on some really interesting stories about incredible women like Danielle, who’s identical twins are not quite identical, and Gail, whose daughters were tragically diagnosed with a cruel childhood condition that could see them develop all the symptoms of dementia before they reach their teens. There’s hope for Gail’s daughters – thanks to a pioneering trial, they might be able to delay the onset of symptoms and while they’re at it, change the future for thousands of children like them. It’s a story of hope and love and you can read all about it over on our ‘Recent Stories’ page.

Facebook – where it’s at.

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Seasons Greetings! We have lots and lots of Christmas stories out this week and we’re feeling truly festive. If you head on over to our Facebook page here you can catch up with all the latest stories and find out what topics we’re covering at the moment. We’re always looking for case studies for a variety of subject matters and don’t forget, magazines pay for your time and trouble. So if you’d like to appear in a magazine, ‘like’ our page and look out for our requests.

See you there!

I would say it seems odd to think about Christmas while sipping on cocktails and topping up our tans, but let’s face it, summer’s a washout. It’s been raining for weeks… but, nevertheless it is sort of nearly Christmas, at least in mag land. In August, we start thinking about our Christmas ideas. By Christmas, we’re over at Mother’s Day.

Christmas stories…We are looking for any stories around the Christmas theme. Perhaps this will be your first Christmas with a long lost family member or your first Christmas since someone you love passed away. It might be your first Christmas alone, or maybe you love spending Christmas alone, or abroad, or both! Maybe you’ve lost weight since last Christmas or stuck to your new year resolutions in 2017. ANYTHING festive, get in touch today!

Kim Willis from Phoenix Features accepts the award of Feature of the Year from Tony Gallagher, Editor in Chief of the Sun.

Oh look it’s me! Here I am accepting my award for ‘Feature Story of the Year’ at the NAPAs, my industry’s answer to the Oscars. It is a great privilege to get to write about so many amazing people and when I was writing this particular story, I knew it was something extra special. Writing for Fabulous Magazine, I described how SuperDad Gary had taken sole custody of his son after breaking up with his ex. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the baby had various behavioural problems and was diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome, as a result of the mother drinking through the pregnancy. There is no cure and it lasts a lifetime.

While organising custody, Gary found out that this child is not his biological son. Did he run? No he did not.

I’m so proud of Gary and so pleased with the story we worked hard on. I shall include it below.

It was a lovely awards ceremony in London and I got to catch up with lots of my editors. Usually there’s an air of doom and gloom for the future of our industry, but this year things felt different. There was talk of stable readership figures and healthy budgets. So, perhaps I don’t have to retrain as a yoga teacher just yet…




All the night’s winners for the various categories.

Gary’s story in Fabulous


The week of Trump

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goldfish jumping away from city for go to tropical beachWell, this is a strange week in a strange year in a strange new world. Trump has become President of the USA, the UK voted for Brexit, numerous wonderful icons have passed away in what seems to be a devastating year for the planet. Today we awoke to the news that the talented and poetic Leonard Cohen passed away. His songs have filled my home with warmth on many an occasion and I’m devastated to hear of his loss, so soon after his most recent, incredible album.

So what next for the world? Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. I worry for our planet, for the people and animals who live in it. I guess we just keep our heads down, keep doing what we do and hope that there is enough beauty, kindness and wonder left in the world to keep it spinning.

istock_000013663657smallWhoopsie! Somehow it’s been a while since I blogged. Summer raced by, autumn dug it’s heels in. And here we are, hello October! Halloween will be whooshing past pronto and we’ll be all eyes on Christmas.

Well, actually, in mag land it’s been Christmas since August. We really do start planning and writing our Christmas stories in August, which might sound even worse than hearing a Christmas carol in a supermarket in September, but it’s not that bad. It’s lovely to organise the Christmas issues in advance and I’ve been writing up some truly lovely festive pieces. By the time Christmas actually arrives, we’ll be working on Mother’s Day!