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BRATTjay1Well it’s a very exciting time in the world of journalism. For years rumours have swirled that no one reads print journalism anymore and indeed we’ve seen some of our favourite titles disappear. Remember Zest? More? She? Great magazines, gone to magazine heaven in the sky. Then there was the News of the World – bad times.

But now? Now there’s the New Day – a brand new newspaper from the team who bring us the Mirror and the People. It’s a gorgeous newspaper, the stories are laid out in a clean, crisp way. Reading it feels all exciting. I’m honoured to see one of my stories in today’s issue, one of the very first issues of the paper. (It’s been on sale for about a fortnight now)

There’s also a new fitness magazine out called Fit and Well. How apt – perhaps the world of print journalism is indeed fit and well. I do hope so – I love to write and don’t ever want to stop!

Another week has flown by – busy as we ever are writing about the wonderful women we write about! We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the leap year, here at Phoenix. We’re writing about love, love and more love.
We’ve written a wonderful story about a teen mum who decided to parent by doing the exact opposite of what her parents had done. Neglected and denied praise or cuddles as a child, she’s given her children a foundation of support, love and encouragement. As a result, they are thriving, charming, adorable kids. This will be published soon and we’ll be raving about it again then – it’s a wonderful, feel good story.

Talking of wonder-mums, we’ve also written the story of Tracey and her THREE sets of twins, all naturally conceived. So that’s six children, all twins. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying, but Tracey and her husband have taken it all in their stride. We sold Tracey’s story to the Sunday Mirror and it’ll also appear in That’s Life soon… and beyond!

Supermums of the world: get in touch today! Let’s celebrate you.

Notebook on a wooden tableSomehow, Christmas happened. Then somehow stole January and now, it’s February 2016 and we’ve hardly had time to write and thank Santa! The new year brings some incredible new stories. We’ve been writing about parenting with the story of Kelly, the amazing mum of triplets who were all diagnosed shortly after birth with varying degrees of cerebral palsy.

We’re shared stories of women thanking those who saved their lives and those who gave them the greatest gift of all time. We tackled tough subject matter in miscarriage and looked at how important blood donations are in saving lives across the country. (seriously: give blood)

It’s been a wonderful start to a wonderful year. Expect lots of herbal tea, notebooks and flowers to continue to inspire Phoenix Towers!

Matite colorateWe’ve had a flurry of stories published this week and it’s been great to see so many of our stories come to fruition in such quick succession. Leona and Rachael have starred in the Mirror, explaining the brilliant reasons they didn’t quite make it to consummating their marriages. You can read about that here. Then we had weight loss star Vikki telling Best Magazine how she’s shed the pounds since last Christmas – that one is still on the shelves for a few more days so don’t miss it!

The incredible story of SuperMum Sarah, who adopted Amy, a child living with the lifelong burden of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (her birth mother drank heavily during the pregnancy) – is out in Pick Me Up this week. And news just in – Sarah used her payment from the magazine to buy her fiance an engagement ring, so it’s a very happy day today!

And finally, the brilliant, fun story of Taylor-Rae, who splashes the cash on someone very special – click here to find out who, in this week’s Sun Newspaper.

Creative Writing ConceptIt’s officially winter and here at Phoenix Towers, the heating is on full blast, the kettle is on constantly and the slippers have come out of the box marked ‘Wear In Winter.’ We’ve been writing some great stories this week. Putting together a feature about newlyweds going on adventures, we hunted high and low on the world wide web for a couple who had volunteered in Africa, and thanks to the wonders of Google, eventually found a beautiful couple who eschewed the usual beach / cocktail / sunbathing honeymoon in favour of three months observing lions, zebras and elephants in their natural habit in Thanda, South Africa. It was an absolute joy to find and interview this lovely couple who have made it their married mission to raise awareness about animal welfare. I look forward to sharing their story with you soon.

We love hearing stories about people volunteering, both in their own community and in developing countries. So if you’ve been on an adventure with a charitable twist, please do get in touch today and let us write about you!

pencil and paper with My Story words near cup of coffee on blue wooden table

We really do get to write about the most wonderful people in the world. Like young Florence, a little lady with a big smile, a smile that’s been seen all around the world. Her beautiful story will be seen in Take a Break soon, and guaranteed, it’ll make you smile too!

We’ve also been writing about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which is what happens to babies when the mother drinks excessively during pregnancy. It’s certainly a startling and sad prognosis for a child and one that we’re raising awareness of in a few upcoming magazines. More on this to follow.

And also this week, we’re looking for women who look better now than they did 20-odd years ago, through weight loss, surgery, fitness and adventure. So if you fit the bill for that one, please do get in touch and sell your story with us today.

Thank you!

Masa stnde not defteri, kalem ve ieklerAnother week has flown by – and this week, we’ve been writing about some very special, beautiful children. Children who have had to put up with way more than their fair share of medical problems, like little Annabel, who has broken more than 70 bones in the six years of her life. Makes you think about moaning about life’s little grumbles when Annabel never, ever complains about her broken bones. She may break her bones, but she’ll never break her spirit. (Am I paraphrasing William Wallace there?)

We’ve been in festive mode, writing about twins born at Christmas and a bride and groom who married on New Year’s Eve. Which is odd in September, with the sun shining through the window. Then to finish the week off, a story about women who are thanking someone for saving their life, which has a lovely feel good factor perfect for the end of the week. Happy weekend, everyone!

Well where does the time go? A new week, a new raft of fascinating stories that make me proud to be a writer.

I’ve been writing about some amazing kids this week. One little girl certainly gets the bravery award, for she has a condition which has led to 70 broken bones already, and she’s only five. But she’s an absolute champ who loves nothing more than digging for worms in her garden and grilling her mother about the gravitational pull of the universe. She hasn’t got time to feel sorry for herself as she is too busy figuring out the world, and that’s something we could all learn from.

Also inspiring me to appreciate life this week are the three stories in my ‘you saved my life’ feature – three women who are saying a public thank you to the people who saved their lives. The world is full of wonderful people. And I get to write about them!

As always I’d love to hear your story, so please get in touch today!

iStock_000018228934XSmallAs always at Phoenix Towers, it’s been busy. While the August sun flirts with the clouds, we’ve been focusing on Christmas and all things festive. We’ve been writing stories about people who stuck to their new year resolutions, people who’ve come a long way since last Christmas, and people who gave birth to twins and triplets on Christmas Day. It’s a funny old thing, writing about Christmas in August, but by December, we’ll be looking at Mother’s Day, and so the world continues to spin!

On a non-Christmas front, we’ve seen our beautiful story of Karen and her younger-fella unite to look after their baby daughter, for Prima Baby. We’ve seen our examination of what happens when one half of a couple is a gymophobic and the other is a gymaholic, as seen in Fabulous, and mum Helen’s story of how her son was lost in a world of autism, in Woman’s Own. The people we write about continue to inspire and amaze us.

If you have a story about Christmas that you’d like to sell, it’s not too late! Please get in touch today.

School supplies.It’s been another super week of stories at Phoenix Towers. After a week off (swanning around the South of France topping up my tan and showing off my GCSE standard French) I returned to my beloved office raring to go. I’ve been writing up a feature about a survivor of the July 7th terrorist attacks which brought London to its knees ten years ago. Kristina’s life changed that day and she went through an incredibly difficult but soul searching few years, finally finding peace trekking in Papua New Guinea in 2014. It’s a powerful story and you can read it in New! Magazine next week.

I’ve also been writing about the country’s youngest pageant star – hitting her first pageantry stage at the tender age of 22 days old. And the heart warming story of young lovers torn apart by teenage angst, only to be reunited six years later, older, wiser and ready for life together. Which is lucky as they soon found out they were having twins. The story of love and adventure will be seen in Take a Break Summer Specials soon.

My pencil is primed and ready, so if you have a story to sell and would like to sell it with me, then please get in touch today. All enquiries are handled sensitively and I’ll explain how the process works before I ask you to share your story.

Merci beaucoup! (I’ll stop doing that soon.)