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The incredible story of first time mum Carolyne, who flew to India to have a type of IVF called ’embryo adoption’ at 58 years old. Using eggs from a younger donor and a sperm donor too, a fertilised embryo was transferred into Carolyne’s womb and she successfully carried the baby to term.
Now 59, Carolyne is a single mum raising the gorgeous Javed on her own, surrounded by supportive friends and family. While Carolyne’s story is controversial, she argues her point well and no-one can dispute that Javed will grow up knowing how loved and wanted he is.

You can read the full story here.

In Best Magazine this week, we delve into the debate around normalising obesity. This was an interesting report to write, taking in comments from a GP and a nutrition expert and looking at how dangerous it is to be severely overweight OR underweight. Ultimately, the most important lesson is to look after ourselves and that includes being mindful about what we eat and how active we are.

Out in Best! now…

There’s a worrying trend afoot – children under the age of ten are increasingly being excluded and expelled from their schools. This week, Best Magazine has delved into the rise of expulsions in a reportage piece that lifts the lid on what’s going wrong. We found Toni and Faline, two mums whose lovely sons have experienced this and are no longer welcome at their schools.

School should be somewhere a child should be nurtured and encouraged, not blacklisted. Especially at such a young and pivotal age. Sad times indeed.

Out this week in Best. Thank you Toni and Faline.

While there’s no doubt Pippa Middleton looked beautiful on her wedding day, the reported one million pounds she spent on it seems rather indulgent to us… That kind of money could go a long way for a lot of people! Oh how the other half live…

In Reveal this week, Steff shares the story of her wedding, which was beautiful, charming, romantic, detailed, vintage, thoughtful and under £1000. Steff’s story perfectly illustrates how, with a bit of style and know-how, you can have a wonderful wedding day without going OTT.

Did you spend ludicrous amounts on your wedding? Do you regret it now? Or maybe you, like Steff, had a canny wedding day for a bargain price? We’d love to hear your wedding stories – get in touch today!

CORBETTlauraReveal (Medium)After January Jones expressed in an interview that she doesn’t want the father of her child in their lives – and doesn’t think a kid needs a dad around to become an all-round champ of an adult, Reveal magazine wanted to debate whether she’d posed a fair point. The lovely Laura (on the left in the article) debated that what children need is a happy home and a lot of love and support. Like January, Laura is proud to be raising her twins on her own and in a salient, power packed point, declares that being a single mum isn’t a failure, it’s her proudest achievement. YES LAURA!

Out in this week’s Reveal.

ZeldaGrazia (Large)While I’d never be brave or bold enough to lapdance myself, it was incredibly enlightening and interesting to work on this story. Kristine kept a diary throughout her time as a stripper (while studying for a degree at the same time) and her observations flipped between amusing and heartbreaking.

But with mounting debt, more students are turning to strip clubs as a means to get through university. As Kristine explains, it does no favours for your self-esteem but is hard to give up because the money is easy and plentiful.

Out in this week’s Grazia. If you’d like to share your secret way of avoiding debt, please get in touch today.

Thank you!

The week of Trump

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goldfish jumping away from city for go to tropical beachWell, this is a strange week in a strange year in a strange new world. Trump has become President of the USA, the UK voted for Brexit, numerous wonderful icons have passed away in what seems to be a devastating year for the planet. Today we awoke to the news that the talented and poetic Leonard Cohen passed away. His songs have filled my home with warmth on many an occasion and I’m devastated to hear of his loss, so soon after his most recent, incredible album.

So what next for the world? Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. I worry for our planet, for the people and animals who live in it. I guess we just keep our heads down, keep doing what we do and hope that there is enough beauty, kindness and wonder left in the world to keep it spinning.

This week we had a look at whether offering your teenagers financial incentives for their studying was beneficial. I love a good debate – in Woman’s Own the lovely Joanna took the blue corner, explaining that she supports her children with hugs and encouragement but does not think bribes do anything other than put the child under more stress.
And in the red corner, we have Deborah, who was happy to stand on her soapbox explaining that she sees no problem with giving a reward to her children for studying hard. In the real grown up world, we’re all paid for our hard work, so is it any different? That’s the big question! Both sides argued their points eloquently and I’m sure there’s no right or wrong – every child is different.

Look out for the story in this week’s Woman’s Own and get in touch if you’d like to debate the issues hitting the headlines.

In this week’s Best magazine, the feel-good story of three women refusing to let naysayers stand in their way, crush their dreams or dampen their spirit. I love this kind of story, it makes me want to fist-bump the air and say YEAH! I’m particularly inspired by Kathy, because I’m going grey at a rate of knots and despise society’s expectation for women to hide and dye every grey strand, lest we embrace our age!

If you have an inspiring story about how you defied the critics, I’d love to hear it – get in touch today!

K.ANITA.NewDay (Large)Anita’s story fills my heart with hope – her children are educated at home, but not home-educated… Anita’s incredible gift to her children is to teach them lessons that can’t be learned in a classroom, every moment of the day.

They’re growing up as confident, happy, intelligent people and reading Anita’s story, you can’t help but feel that the traditional education system across the UK leaves a lot to be desired.

Anita was cautious about telling her story but put her trust in us and we’re both so pleased with the resulting feature in the New Day – a story that respects where Anita is coming from, paints a vivid picture of the wonderful life her family are leading and hopefully changes perceptions about what it is to homeschool your children.

First step, don’t call it homeschooling. It’s free-learning, creative education, unschooling. I hope it is the future.