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The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes took a group of people with varying forms of dementia and gave them the opportunity to work in a restaurant – the results are on 4od now. It’s a great concept for a show and an experiment – incredible people have been written off as incapable of working but the show asks what happens if you give people responsibility again?

Lorayne was one of the participants and has early onset frontotemporal dementia. Here she tells her story in Best and it was wonderful to work with her. Lorayne has lost none of her wit, strength or courage.
The title refers to the film Still Alice, which is a devastating but poignant watch. Lorayne’s story is out now in Best.

Is it too soon to say it’s spring? January has flown by and there is definite floral evidence in the garden that winter is waving goodbye and spring is waving hello. We’re super busy at Phoenix Towers, writing about all things Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and beyond.

We’ve been working on some really interesting stories about incredible women like Danielle, who’s identical twins are not quite identical, and Gail, whose daughters were tragically diagnosed with a cruel childhood condition that could see them develop all the symptoms of dementia before they reach their teens. There’s hope for Gail’s daughters – thanks to a pioneering trial, they might be able to delay the onset of symptoms and while they’re at it, change the future for thousands of children like them. It’s a story of hope and love and you can read all about it over on our ‘Recent Stories’ page.

test here BMcCThis is the heartbreaking story of a brave young girl slowly losing all motor skills to Batten Disease. Effie is an adorable little lady and while the worst possible things happen to her, she just keeps on smiling. Interviewing Effie’s lovely mum Carly, I discovered that when Carly was first born, there was nothing mum and daughter loved more than pitching a tent in the garden and climbing in to read stories. Isn’t that a lovely image? And now, with their days together numbered, they still pitch their tent and read their stories. Memories are sacred and keep the family going.

For more information on Batten Disease, please visit

If your child is facing impossible health issues and you’d like to raise awareness and tell your story, please get in touch today. We shared Carly’s story in Pick Me Up magazine over Christmas and in a few weeks, look out for Carly in Reveal magazine too.

Thank you!

Sometimes we have to write stories that stay with you forever. Gemma’s mum developed dementia was Gemma was just six years old. Zoe remains the UK’s youngest dementia diagnosis. Gemma and her younger sister Louise are absolute gems and stuck together when they were young and their mum was taken into hospital. Gemma spent her childhood acting as a surrogate mum to her little sister and now, the young women are best friends as well as sisters. 

Their story is heartbreaking, but beautiful too, as Gemma guides us through the pain of watching her mum suffer, while also figuring out how she’d cope AND be a rock to her little sis.
You can read more about Gemma’s story, featured here in New! Magazine, here.

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