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ZeldaGrazia (Large)While I’d never be brave or bold enough to lapdance myself, it was incredibly enlightening and interesting to work on this story. Kristine kept a diary throughout her time as a stripper (while studying for a degree at the same time) and her observations flipped between amusing and heartbreaking.

But with mounting debt, more students are turning to strip clubs as a means to get through university. As Kristine explains, it does no favours for your self-esteem but is hard to give up because the money is easy and plentiful.

Out in this week’s Grazia. If you’d like to share your secret way of avoiding debt, please get in touch today.

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TammyGrazia (Medium)Here’s the poignant story of Tammy Cousins, exploring society’s obsession with looks and her relationship with her own reflection. Tammy speaks eloquently about attractiveness and the advantages and disadvantages of beauty.

We initially shared the story in Grazia UK, but here it is translated into Chinese and Dutch for Grazia China and Grazia Holland. Always fascinating to see your work in a language you don’t speak!

GraziaTheOne (Medium)As we get older, life gets more complicated. The chances of being the first person your boyfriend / girlfriend ever loved, are pretty slim. But what happens if he’s still in love with his ex? Then you’re in a pickle. He says he loves you, but she’s still hanging around like a moth to a light and you’re pretty sure you’re never going to feel like a priority. It’s a tough situation and one that Sam wanted to explore with Grazia in order to help other women in her position. As Sam said to us when we started working together, she can’t be the only woman going through this.


Grazia delved into the subtle disappointments Sam feels every time she sees her mother-in-law, who always ‘accidentally on purpose’ calls Sam by her son’s ex-girlfriend’s name and still has framed pictures of the happy couple adorning her walls. What’s Sam to do? She hasn’t got the answer, but we think Sam is absolutely lovely and we hope she finds a way to feel more loved in future, if not by Jack, then by someone more deserving.


If you’re having relationship problems and you’d like to share and sell your story, please contact us today.


Orgasm2 (Small) (1)This week we placed this incredibly interesting story in Grazia magazine. Speaking honestly and openly, Bea tells us about her sexual history and how a desire to orgasm led her to fake orgasms so much that she feels she can’t backtrack. Grazia treated the story with sensitivity and grace and highlighted some of the ways Bea could try to help herself, with advice from sex and behaviour therapist Jo Hemmings.

Please do check it out in this week’s Grazia.

If you have a story to sell about your sex life, we’d love to hear it. All stories are discussed in the strictest confidence and like Bea, your story can be anonymous if you so wish. Thank you!

GraziaRoseanneVery proud of our story in this week’s Grazia. Statistics state that the stigma of talking about mental health still keeps many of us from opening up to our families for over a year. That’s over a year, suffering in silence. But recent statistics also indicate that mental health problems like depression are even more rife in sportsmen, thought to be the combined pressure of feeling that having any emotional problems isn’t seen as ‘manly’ and being under immense expectation to perform to their peak week in, week out.
Sadly, cases of sportsmen driven to attempt suicide are on the rise and most recently footballer Clarke Carlisle attempted to take his own life following a serious depressive episode.

For Grazia magazine we interviewed Roseanne and Brett, who had been through sadly similar circumstances themselves just two years ago. Brett is a professional rugby player and mounting pressures led him to feel he had no choice but to attempt suicide. He survived and has since flourished, accepting help from his wife and a councillor, Brett now speaks openly about his mental health and has encouraged many other players to vocalise their troubles.

If you or someone you love in the sporting world is experiencing mental health problems, please visit

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Roseanne and Brett for their honesty and desire to publicise their story in order to help anyone else going through a similar time. Please do buy this week’s Grazia to read their story in full.

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