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ROWLANDSwitneyBella (Small)Debates are raging about this story, seen here in this week’s Bella magazine. How much should we spend on a baby’s first birthday? For Witney, nothing was out of reach. She wanted to give her baby the most dazzling, incredible party ever. Three bouncy castles, seven princesses, a huge cake and 100 cupcakes. Too much? Witney says friends came from far and wide and everyone had a terrific day, so what’s not to love?
We sent our photographer along for the day and as you can see from his pictures, it was an extraordinarily colourful and thoughtful day. One day baby Romany will look through these pictures and see how much her mum loves her. Happy Birthday Romany Rose!

If you throw extravagant parties for your children, we’d love to hear about them. Magazines love these kinds of stories and pay well for them so if you’d like to sell your story, please get in touch today.

Thank you!

WOdrinkers (Small)This story was published in the New Year and I’m only just getting it up on the site, despite being very proud of it. As a seasoned non-drinker myself these days, I loved celebrating these women, all of whom quit drinking only to see their lives blossom.

The average Brit spends A YEAR of their life hungover, when you add up every headache and fry-up. Pretty crazy, huh! But there is a growing trend for leaving binge drinking in the past and instead embracing more fulfilling and meaningful ambitions and pastimes. Katie stopped binge drinking, and therefore late night pizza marathons, and lost 9st. Heloise switched the late night parties for rock climbing, knitting and walks on the beach. And Karen decided to ensure she never missed another day’s work thanks to a hangover. After she quit the booze, she got a promotion and her career has been thriving ever since.

A little inspiration for all the party animals out there – drinking is fun, but not drinking is even better!

The story appeared in Woman’s Own. If you have a story about how and why you gave up drinking, please get in touch with me today. Thank you.

The Charity Of Strangers

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This lovely story illustrates the kindness of strangers and how a little generosity can go a long way. Little Scarlett was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after birth. She needed a special kind of ‘vest’ that helps vibrate her chest and encourage her to cough up mucus. But Scarlett’s parents couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t available on the NHS. Step in, generous strangers! One kind man donated £2000 and their £10,000 target was reached in just a few days. Scarlett’s story restores your faith in humanity and you can read more about it here…

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