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The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes took a group of people with varying forms of dementia and gave them the opportunity to work in a restaurant – the results are on 4od now. It’s a great concept for a show and an experiment – incredible people have been written off as incapable of working but the show asks what happens if you give people responsibility again?

Lorayne was one of the participants and has early onset frontotemporal dementia. Here she tells her story in Best and it was wonderful to work with her. Lorayne has lost none of her wit, strength or courage.
The title refers to the film Still Alice, which is a devastating but poignant watch. Lorayne’s story is out now in Best.

Becky was an absolute dream to interview, such fun and an open, honest, wonderful person. She’s in the current series of the Undateables on Channel 4 and we placed her story in Reveal magazine to coincide with the series.

Becky has severe scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, and spent many years feeling low in confidence, not helped by a series of awful dates with men who couldn’t cope with the fact Becky needs a wheelchair or crutch to assist her. But her journey through the Undateables has boosted her confidence and helped Becky see just what a fox she is.

Here’s hoping she finds the love story she so truly deserves in the near future. Catch her episode on All 4 now!

Charlie and Sara on This Morning

Charlie and Sara on This Morning

We’re really, really proud of our interviewees on today’s This Morning. Sara and her 11 year old daughter took to the sofa to talk about mental health in children and did an incredible job. Sara started the interview with Eamon and Ruth on her own, before Charlie joins in half way through. It’s been a tough few years for Charlie – at seven she was suicidal and mum Sara found her in the kitchen with a knife to her wrists. Now, she’s a beautiful, happy, confident 11 year old with the world at her feet.
Watching the interview I am touched by the dynamic and trust between Sara and Charlie – you can see they’ve been through a lot together and respect each other so much.

We’ve sold Sara’s story to the Mirror too, but going on TV is a whole other ball game so well done you two, you did us proud!

Catch their interview here:

Share Your Story On Television

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Tell your story on television

We offer our clients the opportunity to tell their story on morning TV shows like Good Morning Britain and This Morning. Their sofa-interview approach is informal and perhaps less daunting that being interviewed for the news or a documentary. (Especially if you’re interviewed by the lovely Holly and Phil.

It can be a great way to further the awareness raised for your cause. Once we’ve placed your story in magazines and newspapers, going on national television can reach so many more people. And the great news is, they pay all your travel and accommodation costs as well as paying a fee to you too. Read more