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Happy World Down’s syndrome Day 2019! It’s become my tradition to collate all the stories about all the legends of the Down’s syndrome community I’ve written about in the past year, to mark this wonderful, worldwide celebration. I have written about amazing children like Max, who I wrote about over Christmas for Best and Chat, who is just about the most gorgeous little elf in the world. I wrote a lovely feature for Best in the style of an open letter from mums Emma, Pippy and Vicky to themselves, offering advice on the day their children Corin, Leo and Audrey came into the world. Remember the Carpool Karaoke video that went mega-viral? We placed a story about a few of the mums involved, in Bella. And then there were a few stories about older people who had Down’s syndrome and are blazing trails – beauty queen Kate shared her story in the Sunday People and huge, happy congrats to Heidi, who shared her story in Best just recently, detailing the day her fiance proposed. I look forward to writing about your wedding, Heidi!

For more information about Down’s syndrome, visit an online community offering friendly support for parents and an up to date, balanced view of life with the condition.

Click ‘read more’ here to see all these fantastic stories in print! Read more

ELMERkatieTAB1 (Large)When Katie was told her beautiful newborn daughter Emily had just days to live, she was devastated. But Emily lives on. Emily’s Star is the charity that Katie set up to help other families going through what she did, so that Emily’s name and memory would live on and help other people. She’s an amazing woman with never-ending energy and enthusiasm for helping families going through the hardest of times. Katie talked about the Emily’s Star project with incredible strength and I adore everything she’s about.

To find out more, visit Emily’s Star here.

If you have a story you’d like to share, get in touch today. It’s not always easy to talk about the challenges we face in life, but at Phoenix, we promise to look after you!

Matite colorateWe’ve had a flurry of stories published this week and it’s been great to see so many of our stories come to fruition in such quick succession. Leona and Rachael have starred in the Mirror, explaining the brilliant reasons they didn’t quite make it to consummating their marriages. You can read about that here. Then we had weight loss star Vikki telling Best Magazine how she’s shed the pounds since last Christmas – that one is still on the shelves for a few more days so don’t miss it!

The incredible story of SuperMum Sarah, who adopted Amy, a child living with the lifelong burden of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (her birth mother drank heavily during the pregnancy) – is out in Pick Me Up this week. And news just in – Sarah used her payment from the magazine to buy her fiance an engagement ring, so it’s a very happy day today!

And finally, the brilliant, fun story of Taylor-Rae, who splashes the cash on someone very special – click here to find out who, in this week’s Sun Newspaper.

SecretBrides (Small)This week sees our compilation story about three brides who married in secret, appear in Bella magazine. Leanne, Julie and Gail all knew 150 guests and the stress that goes with it, just wasn’t for them.

Their stories make for a great read, so please do buy Bella this week. Makes you think about the average cost of a UK wedding – nearing £20,000 last time I read a statistic. Crazy money! These brides are on to something.

If you married in secret, or abroad, or had a themed wedding and you’d like to sell your story, let me know. We love weddings with a twist here, and magazines pay well for unusual wedding stories.

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HURSTnatashaWOMAN261We’re proud to announce that we are working alongside Palamedes PR to help bring their stories to the forefront of national media.

Palamedes is an award-winning UK based PR agency that supports businesses and individuals seeking positive publicity in the British and international media. You’ll have read a Palamedes story many times without even knowing it. Big clients range from the Samaritans and BBC Audio Books to Monster Slippers. (You know you love them!)

They specialise in securing international coverage for authors, and businesses in travel, tourism, property and more. They work closely with celebrities and have an outstanding reputation. If you have a book to sell or your business needs press relations, I highly recommend their services, they’ll increase recognition of your brand many fold.

I help Palamedes when women’s magazines could be interested in one of their clients. Women’s magazines are my forte! So when Palamedes sign up an author who’s story would work well for a woman’s magazine or as a feature for a national newspaper, I step up and do my thing. We’ve had some great success stories so far – pictured here is the incredible story of Natasha Hurst, a yo-yo dieter who finally realised where she was going wrong – and has now written a book about her journey packed full of insightful healthy eating advice, which you can see more about here.