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With Father’s Day ahead this weekend, I’ve been writing about amazing dads. Men who have been through the most heartbreaking of circumstances, but come out stronger for those around them. Men who are not afraid to talk about mental health and understand that true strength is in talking about our fragility. Men like Mark, who went out for a walk with his wife and toddler and came home a widow and a single dad. His story is so incredibly sad, but Mark found his way through it and taught himself how to be happy again. For his wife, Katherine. For his daughter, Margot.

Read Mark’s incredible attitude to the hand he’s been dealt out now in Bella. Mark was supported by WAY – widowed and young. If you have been widowed young, visit for support.  Mark writes an amazing blog here. 

I very much doubt that if I were faced with the circumstances Amy finds herself in, I would be able to string a sentence together, let alone speak with such articulation, poetry and indeed, wit. But that’s Amy. And to pay Gareth the tribute he so deserves, Amy has found the strength to write about him on her blog and talk about him to me with such wonderful kindness and strength. She’s a widow but determined to find her way through this difficult journey in a way that would make Gareth proud. You make us all proud, Amy!

You can read Amy’s incredible story in Best Magazine this week.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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STEADMANjayneMyWThis weekend the nation celebrates Mothering Sunday. A time to take a moment and thank not just your mum, but all maternal influences in your life. Or if you’re like me, to forget to arrange anything and hope a text will do…

We placed this uplifting story of a mum supporting her daughter through loss, in My Weekly magazine, to coincide with Mother’s Day. Jayne’s story is heartbreaking, she became a widow far too young. But her mum had been through similar circumstances and was able to guide Jayne through grieving and help Jayne see the flowers blossoming through the dark times. It’s a truly beautiful story of love and family support when you need it most. Jayne is using her fee to take her mum to the Victoria and Albert museum – something they’ve both wanted to do for a long time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums who make our lives happier!