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Charity Donations

Every month Phoenix Features makes a donation to a charity of your choice. If you have a charitable cause you would like us to donate to please get in contact with the name of your charity and we will add you to the list for future months.

January 2020 – Mencap

We’re kicking off the new year by sponsoring Jonny in his efforts to run the London Marathon for MenCap. As someone who thought it was a pretty big achievement to run 5k recently, I take my hat off to Jonny and his marathon running ways! And for such a great cause too. You can sponsor Jonny by following this link. 

Good luck Jonny!



October 2019 – WAY widowed and young

I work very closely with this wonderful charity – most recently on a beautiful story of friendship, out now in Woman & Home. I can not fathom what it must be like to lose your life partner before life has a chance to get going, but if that happens to you, WAY have your back.

For widows under the age of 50 – support, advice, meet-ups and more. They rely on donations and you can donate here.





September 2019 – Midlands Air Ambulance

In honour of Natalie, our story of the week, we’re donating to the Midlands Air Ambulance. Head over to our ‘recent stories’ page to see her story in Closer magazine. Natalie was involved in a brutal attack in the middle of a busy city centre. Her life depended on getting to hospital as quickly as possible – and it is thanks to the Air Ambulance that she survived. Details of how utterly professional and incredibly brilliant the pilot and crew were can be read in Natalie’s book, Still Standing, available now.
To donate to the Midlands Air Ambulance (note – they receive zero government or NHS funding yet save thousands of lives) click here.

August 2019 – Extinction Rebellion

In the words of XR: “The amazon is ablaze in flames right now while wildfires rage across the arctic circle. We can all feel the urgency and it’s time to pull together.”

We are scared for the future of the planet and all those who live on it, so this month we are donating to XR’s good cause. With funding, their civil disobedience and peaceful protests can go further and do more. To donate, click here.


July 2019 – Help the baboons!

Absolutely loved working with Samantha on this story about the baboons she gave up her life for – Samantha now lives in South Africa where she cares for, rehabilitates and releases baboons. Learn about the baboons and how to help on their website here. You can follow the baboons on Instagram here.

Out now in Closer!







June 2019 – Sarah’s crowdfunding for life saving treatment

Sarah has become a friend – someone I love talking to, writing about and catching up with. Sarah has been battling cancer for a few years and has battled it with grace and strength beyond measure. She continues to do so. I’m in awe of her.

She fights for her life so that she can see her daughters grow up – and she needs funding, because the treatment she needs now is not available on the NHS and is ludicrously expensive.

To read more and donate, click here. 






April 2019 – Jon’s London Marathon run for Breast Cancer Care

This week I wrote about an extraordinary man who is running the London Marathon in memory of his wife, Rach. While Rach was battling cancer, Breast Cancer Care helped support the family and now, Jon wants to say thank you by running arguably one of the greatest marathons of all time.

Jon’s love for Rach is so beautiful and it was such an honour to work with him, writing his story for Bella magazine. You can donate to Jon’s fund here. 




March 2019 – Shirley’s walk for the Sunshine Fund

I’m writing about Shirley’s life changing walking experiences at the moment and she is one inspiring woman! First the Grand Canyon, then Kerala in India, next stop, Machu Picchu.

In India, Shirley walked as a ‘sighted guide’ for blind travellers with the wonderful TravelEyes – isn’t that the most glorious idea? It taught Shirley to see the world in a whole new way – as you’ll see when you read our story. Coming soon! Shirley is raising money for the Sunshine Fund, which supports children with disabilities in the North East. She’ll be jumping out of a plane, because, that’s what grandmothers do! Right Shirley? You can donate here. 





January 2019 – Phoebe’s walk for CentrePoint

We had the honour of working with Phoebe covering her previous endeavours for CentrePoint, but this year she spent Christmas walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall, while dressed as WanderWoman, to raise money for CentrePoint again. She is an incredible woman and adventurer who gives up Christmas every year to do something difficult to raise money and awareness for CentrePoint. Amazing – you can donate here. 

Find out more about Centrepoint here. 

November 2018 – Nutrition Facts

Without free and reliable websites like Nutrition Facts and Wikipedia, researching my articles would be a lot harder. I take great pride in ensuring my facts, stats and figures are accurate – and it’s thanks to sites like this that they can be. So this month I donated to to help them keep doing what they’re doing. Michael Greger’s excellent book How Not To Die is available here.



October 2018 – Kim’s Chance

My namesake Kim is an extraordinary woman – so extraordinary that her story made the front page of the Sunday People last weekend! I wrote about Kim earlier this year after she recovered from sepsis having spent nine weeks in a coma. Tragically, when Kim finally woke up, doctors informed her that she needed to consent to having all four limbs amputated in order to save her life.

Kim wasted no time in saying yes, get on with it! That resilience has served her well as she’s rehabilitated and got used to life as a quadruple amputee.
Recently, Kim bought her first prosthetic 3D printed bionic arm from Open Bionics, known as a Hero Arm. It has given her back a level of independence and made her very happy, but she needs another one for her other arm.

Please help fund the ongoing costs of Kim’s new life if you can. More about her campaign can be found here and you can read the latest story here.



September 2018 – Harry’s Rainbow

This month we’re sponsoring Karon and her son Felix as they take on the London to Brighton cycle race in memory of Felix’s dad, Mark, who sadly took his own life when Felix was a baby. Karon has been raising awareness of mental health and the shocking statistics around male suicide by sharing her story – we told her story in Love Sunday recently and you can read it here. Felix, now 16, is keen to help other men learn to communicate and ask for help and they’re hoping to raise £500 for the wonderful charity Harry’s Rainbow, which supports bereaved children. You can donate to their fund here and please do – they’re so close to their target now!

Find out more about Harry’s Rainbow here. 


August 2018 – Alzheimer’s Society

We’re sponsoring a walk this month – led by Nicki in honour of her mother, the wonderful Jeannie, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Much research still needs to be done to understand this cruel condition and Nicki and her family are walking The Memory Walk to raise money for further research. You can donate at their sponsorship page here.


Find out more about the charity here. 



July 2018 – Prithipura Communities – Sri Lanka

This week you can catch the incredible story of Prithipura in My Weekly magazine. This is an orphanage like no other – set across four locations in Sri Lanka, there is a home for young children as well as adults with severe disabilities, a school and home to 80 more vulnerable children and young people, totalling 240 under Prithipura care. There are two farms, generating an income and vocational opportunities. There is a rubber plantation, a coconut plantation, cows grazing in fields and over 40 different types of fruit, vegetables and spices grown to feed the team and sell too. 

Everything runs on a considerably small budget and they depend on donations – so we’re donating and we hope you do too! Prithipura means Happy Village and long may it continue to be so.

You can donate here and follow the team on Facebook here



June 2018 – Wildlife Tourism

I’ve been working with the incredible Aaron, a photo-journalist who has dedicated his life to exposing the cruelty man inflicts on various animals tasked with sharing the planet with us. My feature about Aaron is out in the August 2018 edition of Vegan Life and describes Aaron’s recent trip to Thailand to document the way beautiful animals such as elephants, tigers and orangutans are treated despicably for a paying, baying public. It made me cry writing it up. If you’d like to donate to Aaron’s cause and help him get back to Thailand to film more footage, please click here.


May 2018 – Laura’s Fight Cancer Fund

This month we’re donating to Laura, who we wrote about for Best Magazine (see our recent stories page). Laura’s an incredible woman who is bravely fighting a fight no-one wants to fight. Her friends and family are rallying to help Laura get to Mexico where she can get the treatment she needs. Click here to support Laura.




Also March 2018 – Future of Downs for World Down’s syndrome Day

It’s March 21st, which can only mean one thing! Happy World Down’s syndrome Day! Chosen to represent the third copy of the 21st chromosome, March 21st is a big, happy, celebratory, worldwide show of unity, compassion, success, love, of all the great things that Down’s syndrome is. This year I’m donating to Future of Down’s. It’s a fantastic website run by fantastic people and I’m so grateful for everything they do to help me help celebrate Down’s syndrome across the national press. Check them out here.



March 2018 – raffle prizes for the incredible Kim (not this Kim!)

No, not me, but my namesake. Another Kim, on the other side of the country, who has been going through a bit of a pickle, you might say. Kim was struck by sepsis at the end of last year and after nine weeks in a coma battling for her life, she woke up to be told that doctors needed to amputate all four of her limbs. Kim is one of the most extraordinary, resilient women I’ve ever written about. Her frame of mind is so positive and strong, I have no doubt that she is going to be absolutely fine. Better than fine – brilliant.

Her dedicated daughters are fundraising to help with the costs of Kim’s adapted life. She’s going to need some big (and expensive) modifications when she leaves hospital. There’s hope for bionic hands too. Kim’s daughters are holding a raffle soon so we’ve sent a hamper, but you can donate to their Just Giving page here. And you can read Kim’s story here



February 2018 – Plant Based News

As well as donating to charitable causes and fundraising campaigns, we do like to support the flagging news industry, for it is not right to expect news to be free! That’s why we give the Guardian donations (to justify our morning scroll over breakfast) and why this month, we’re sending some pounds to Plant Based News, an online news source for all things plant based. These champs campaign for great causes and we believe in what they do. You can donate too, by clicking here.


January 2018 – Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys

Freya Dowson – Brooke

I have been working with Brooke for a while now, helping to raise awareness of the incredible work they do throughout the world to improve the lives of millions of horses, donkeys and mules. You can read my latest piece here.

They are a fantastic charity and every penny donated goes such a long way. Click here to donate today.







December 2017 – Phoebe Smith’s Three Peaks Sleep

While most of us were tucked up warm on Christmas Eve, Phoebe Smith was on her third consecutive night camping under the stars to raise money for CentrePoint, the charity for homeless young people. Phoebe tackled the Three Peak Challenge but with a twist – spending each night sleeping at the summit of each peak, finishing on Christmas Day upon Ben Nevis. She hoped to raise £1000 but as I write this she’s raised over £6000 and still going strong! Phoebe has such an adventurous soul and has put those walking legs to great use this Christmas. Still time to donate – just click here. You can read about Phoebe in the article we wrote for the Mirror here.

Movember 2017 – Amy Donnelly in memory of Gareth.

This month we’re donating to Amy, who’s husband Gareth battled testicular cancer in 2009. Gareth is sadly no longer with us but his vibrant personality lives on – and in his memory, Amy is continuing to raise money for The Movember Foundation.

Amy is an incredible woman – hop over to our Latest Stories page to see her powerful tribute to Gareth in Best Magazine. To donate to Amy’s Mo-team, click here.



October 2017 – Tourette’s Action

Tourette’s syndrome is an inherited, neurological condition, the key features of which are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. We’ve been working with Katy Anns, star of this season’s The Undateables on Channel 4, and you can read her story here. Katy fundraises for Tourette’s Action so she can help other people like herself and we’re thrilled to donate to such a good cause. We’ll be writing about Katy again soon so stay tuned for a magazine appearance!

To donate or find out more, visit Tourette’s Action.




September 2017 – Miniature hero Tristan

A wonderful little boy is currently fighting for his life in Great Ormond Street Hospital and his parents, Dannielle and Luke, are by his side. He seems to be battling one infection after another and on top of that, his poor parents are overwhelmed by medical disagreements about what is best for him. Our hearts go out to the family who are as good as living in hospital right now. They need help with their living costs so if you can donate, please click this link. Thank you.




August 2017 – Little Princess Trust / Rays of Sunshine

Many years ago, a little lady called Hollie battled leukemia. Now, eight years after her all-clear, she is chopping her hair off to donate it to other little girls battling cancer. What a star! Hollie is donating money raised for the big chop to Rays of Sunshine, a charity close to her family’s heart, as Rays sent Hollie and her sisters to Florida when she was feeling better. If you’d like to help Hollie reach her target, click here. 

Go Hollie!



July 2017 – Animal People Alliance

The Animal People Alliance has launched in the UK to raise funds for Animal Welfare in Kolkata, India. The aim is to provide shelter, education and high wage employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse. An extremely wonderful cause, for which Mark is running the Swindon half marathon and we are sponsoring from the sidelines… if you’d like to sponsor Mark as he raises money for this life changing charity – click here. 





June 2017 – Yellow House, Kenya

As a lover of words, this little lady filled my heart with joy – six year old Ella has thought of a beautiful way to raise money for Yellow House, an educational therapy centre for children with special needs living in Kenya. Ella has challenged herself to create 20 poems in 20 days and she’s raised over £1000. She’s still fundraising so if you’d like to see her poetry and donate, click here. 

Go Ella!



May (again) 2017 – A Dollar for Dawson

DawsonWe’re making an extra donation this month – friend of Phoenix Features Wendy needs £600,000 to get her gorgeous son Dawson to America, where there is hope that his cancer can be cured. I can’t begin to think what Wendy’s family are going through. Time is not on their side. If you can spare a penny or a pound please click here and donate.

Wendy, we’re thinking of you. Huge love to Dawson!







May 2017 – Street Child

PrintMay echos April this year – another charity supporting children facing extremely difficult circumstances in developing countries, and another friend of ours running a marathon, something we’d never be able to do. (It’s a knee / back thing.) But we are very much behind the amazing champs who get out there, pound the pavement and do their bit for a fantastic cause while they’re at it. Street Child is an education charity that supports children in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Nepal to get back into safe family homes and access to education. You can find out more about them here and sponsor marathon runner Miles here. 



April 2017 – War Child


One thing we’ll never be able to do, is run a marathon. We’re more of a sprint kind of people. So when our buddies run marathons, we give them pounds to pound the pavements! This month our bud Brad is doing just that, so we’re doing our bit for his chosen charity, War Child.

We don’t like war. Can’t humans all just agree to get along and leave each other in peace? Apparently not. War Child’s mission is to protect and educate children caught up in war zones. A mighty fine cause indeed.
You can still donate to Brad’s efforts here. And find out more about War Child here.




March 2017 – FASD Network


This month we are donating to the beard growing feats of superdad Gary – who is fundraising for the FASD Network. Gary’s son Thomas has foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which means that he has various health and learning difficulties as a result of the alcohol consumed by his mother during pregnancy. More than 7000 babies are born in the UK a year with this condition but better understanding of the risks involved in drinking during pregnancies would see that number plummet. So, please help Gary help the country know more! You can donate to Gary’s cause here.

February 2017 – The Guardian


The industry of news is in crisis – that much is hard to miss. I will be devastated when I can no longer write for a living and yet it dawned on me today that I scroll through my free Guardian news app every morning without consideration for the time and effort that’s gone into sourcing and writing that news. I’m my own worst enemy!

Which led me to the ‘contribute’ page of the Guardian website – here – where I donated enough to buy a lot of newspapers and alleviate a dollop of my guilt. So, folks, please keep buying your favourite newspapers and magazines!

January 2017 – Veganuary

veganuary-heartWell, it’s January, or Veganuary for those having a go at veganism – and if you are, I hope you are enjoying all the amazing food you can eat with a wonderfully clear conscience! I am vegan and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, so I am supporting Veganuary this month. They’re doing amazing things – not only have 40,000 people pledged to try veganism this month, but they work hard to reduce the suffering of farmed animals – often the most overlooked animals on the planet. So, give it a whirl, you might like it! (PS the best recipe website has to be Thug Kitchen, fyi)

You can get involved and donate here 




December 2016 – The Hackney Christmas Dinner

mindfulnessWhile I was drinking port and falling asleep, one of my favourite people gave up her Christmas Day to volunteer at a project giving care leavers age 18-25 a Christmas Day that we all take for granted. Without the Hackney Christmas Dinner project, many of these young people would spend Christmas alone.

Part of the day involves handing out presents, and that was where we could come in – donating a few lovely ‘little book of mindfulness’ books which were on the project’s Amazon gift list – so clever! We hope our gifts were enjoyed and that the project grows from strength to strength each year.

The project is founded and run by Lemn Sissay and you can find out more about it all  here. Because everyone deserves a happy Christmas!



November 2016 – Wikipedia


Not strictly a charity, but I had to donate to Wikipedia this month – where would I be without their knowledge at my free disposal! I so often return to the site, whether I’m researching an article or want more information about a film I’ve just seen… and everything in between. They depend on our donations and I wouldn’t like the site to disappear, so I thought I’d contribute.

If you’d like to help Wikipedia continue, click here.


October 2016 – Bee Hive Education


The Bee Hive is a vocational Sixth Form provision for young people with learning difficulties. They offer high quality, student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the community. Students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas.

A blooming bee-rilliant cause. They’re currently fundraising for their prom and looking for hamper goodies to auction. We’ve sent a few treats their way and hope they prove popular!

If you’d like to donate or find out more, you can visit the Bee Hive website here.


September 2016 – The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

This month, friend of Phoenix Features, Joan, will be trekking the Himalayas while raising money for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation – NSIF.

nsif are funding research that has already made a significant breakthrough, which could potentially lead to a treatment for spinal injury. Good luck on your trek Joan, we’re cheering you on from metaphorical base camp!

To support Joan, you can donate on her JustGiving page here. More about NSIF can be found here. 





August 2016 – Emily’s Star.

EmilysStarThis month we’re supporting the wonderful Emily’s Star, the charity founded by Katie in memory of her daughter Emily. Beautiful Emily only lived for 26 days, but those were days Katie filled with love and adventure. Now, Katie raises funds to help other families facing similar circumstances, thus ensuring Emily will never be forgotten. We at Phoenix are in awe of Katie’s strength and determination to turn something so devastating into something positive. To find out more, receive support from Emily’s Star or indeed support them, visit here.

July 2016 – Supporting Rosanna as she runs in memory of her brother, William.

UKSAThis is a cause very close to my heart. My dear friend Rosanna has just completed a 10k run in memory of her brother, my first love, William. Five years ago, William was lost at sea after an accident in Monaco, where he was working as a bosun on a superyacht. The tragic events that unfolded left Rosanna and her parents heartbroken and piecing together evidence to try and ascertain what could have happened and what could have happened differently. Now, they have built up the strength to do something in William’s honour. Working with UKSA, they want William’s memory to live on by helping other young people get into sailing, while also raising awareness about boat safety.

You can donate to Rosanna’s cause here, and find out more by searching online for #crewWILLBsafe and #crewsafetycounts



June 2016 – Ice Cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!

Downtown Montreal, Quebec Province, Canada and urban street scenes

This month, the wonderful people at Down’s Heart Group are having their AGM and a trip to the zoo. We can think of no better cause for ice-cream and so it is our pleasure to buy a round for all the wonderful families in attendance, as a little thank you to the Down’s syndrome community for allowing me the honour of writing so many of their amazing stories.






May 2016 – Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme


CAAPThere are people in this world doing such wonderful things for others, it makes my heart burst. Sandy and Angie are two such people – they tirelessly fundraise and organise, persevere and focus, so that children with disabilities all over Cornwall – and their families – have access to activities, each other, new friends, new experiences and a community. CAAP is not-for-profit and not yet a charity. They need donations so that they can keep providing invaluable experiences to as many children as possible. Sandy and Angie are incredible women. They deserve a medal, but they’ll settle for a donation!

Please do donate, every penny goes towards helping a great community project. You can find out more and donate here.



April 2016 – Daisy’s Letters

 When a friend told me about a little lady who writes letters to other young people going through tough times, my heart burst. I loved writing letters as a child and still write handwritten letters to my nearest and dearest to this day. It’s a dying art, sadly – although I don’t think I’m alone in keeping Paperchase afloat with my love of gorgeous stationery! I am so pleased to be able to support Leanna on her letter-writing quest and hope that our donation helps to buy lots of lovely stamps and cards so that Leanna can continue to bring a smile to other children’s faces. A little letter goes a long way!

You can support Daisy’s Letters too – click here to donate.



March 2016 – Nathan’s Helping the Homeless Charity


Nathan recently launched an incredible project – together with his girlfriend, Nathan will be tackling the homeless problem across Manchester and the entire UK. His aim is to help the homeless by providing long term goals rather than short term solutions. Initially, by providing a hostel where the homeless can sleep, wash and prepare for interviews. Then, Nathan plans to launch a training school where the homeless can train as barbers, plasterers and beyond.

Nathan plans to raise money through a series of fundraising ideas such as tough mudder, marathons and triathlons. We’re so impressed with the scope of this project and will continue to support Nathan as plans come together. The world needs more people like Nathan in it!

To donate, please click here. 


February 2016 – Easter pressies for Bridgend Children’s Ward

the girlsWe’re delighted to be able to contribute to the good deed being done by these two lovely ladies. (Hollie and Poppie, on the left and right in this photo with their little sister!) Hollie and Poppie have taken it upon themselves to collect Easter eggs, teddies and toys for the poorly children in Bridgend Children’s Ward and the Oncology Ward in Cardiff.

We’ve sent Hollie and Poppie some money so they can keep buying goodies. They’ve collected 90 eggs so far – an incredible feat!

If you’d like to help Hollie and Poppie on their quest to help poorly children, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with their lovely mum, Hayley.



January 2016 – Breathe For Jo

Jo S-8 (Small)We have been working with the incredible Jo Smith for years and her story is astonishing – she’s battling two terminal illnesses and is currently in Arizona receiving treatment from the best medical professionals in the world. So many times, Jo has been told she won’t make it, but every time, Jo keeps on fighting. Now she’s been told she needs to raise another 160k to fund unexpected, further treatment in America.

I just don’t know how Jo keeps fighting her fight, but we’re here to contribute in our own small way and we hope everyone gives Jo a few pennies towards her goal. Mum to Rudey, this little lady has so much to live for. You can read more about Jo here and donate to her campaign here.



December 2015 – Wipe Away Those Tears



This Christmas, we’re proud to support Wipe Away Those Tears. The charity aims to grant a wish and bring a sparkle into the lives of terminally or seriously ill children in Essex. Every penny raised goes towards helping very special children and I can vouch for that as the lovely Gail has shared some of these incredible stories with me.

You can donate to Wipe Away Those Tears via their website here.





November 2015 – MIND, the mental health charity

mindMental health is finally being recognised as something the government needs to address, with one in four of us experiencing some kind of mental health problem each year. Leading the way is MIND, who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We are proud to donate via Fliss, an inspiring woman who, after struggling with her own mental health for years, now speaks out to help and inspire young people going through similar problems. Fliss smashed her target of £500 for MIND, who have helped her through the hardest of times.

To donate to MIND, please visit their website here. 



October 2015 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance


It is with great pleasure that we donate a few of our pounds to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, via friend of Phoenix, Katie, who is trekking 100km across the Sahara desert in her efforts to raise money for such a good cause. The Air Ambulance is a charity that solely relies on donations so it’s imperative that we raise as much money as possible to keep the helicopter airborne. It is a crucial, life saving service.

You can donate to Katie’s Just Giving page here, or direct to the Air Ambulance here. 




September 2015 – Shoreham Airshow Disaster Fund

ShorehamIt was with great sadness that we learned of the Shoreham Airshow Disaster. But in the wake of the tragedy, the people of Shoreham have rallied round to raise money every way they can, for the families of those affected. Friend of Phoenix Features, Sara, of Sara’s Stars, is determined to support her local community. Sara’s daughter Ella has covered a Coldplay song which will be released soon, with all proceeds going to charity.

To donate to Ella’s cause, please click here. 




August 2015 – Ups and Downs charity auction

UpsandDownsAs a big support of the Down’s syndrome community, it was with pleasure that we were able to donate towards an auction being held to raise money for a local support group called Ups and Downs. The support group, supporting children with Down’s Syndrome and their families based in the West Midlands, holds monthly meetings for children with Downs Syndrome of all ages and their families. The auction is on October 2nd and the organisers are in desperate need of prizes so if you’d like to donate, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch.





July 2015 -MacMillan


Lily has beautiful long purple hair – and she’s chopping it all off for a great cause. Many years ago, I worked with Lily when she was a teenager coping with the loss of her mum to bowel cancer. On the 22nd August, what would have been Lily’s mum’s 57th birthday Lily will donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust and all funds raised will go to MacMillan.

If you’d like to donate to Lily’s cause, you can do so here. We’ll be following Lily’s progress (she’s got to un-purple her hair before she can donate it!) and wishing her well every step of the way.



June 2015 – British Heart Foundation via Aimee Mae’s sponsored skip

British_Heart_Foundation_logo.svgThis week, a little lady has decided to do a mammoth sponsored skip with her Girl Guides group, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Aimee Mae’s mum has been a loyal and lovely supporter of everything we’re about here at Phoenix Features for many years, and so we’re super excited to be able to support Aimee Mae in return. Plus, we love skipping. Who doesn’t love skipping? It’s not just for Girl Guides and boxers!

We love hearing about kids raising money for charity – teaching kids that all us humans are in this together and we’ve got to look out for each other. The Girl Guide with the most sponsors gets a prize, so if you’d like to help Aimee Mae out, then please get in touch with Phoenix today. (There’s no online link for this one, just a good old fashioned sponsorship form.)

Good luck Aimee Mae!



May 2015 – J’ssiah’s life saving surgery abroad

with mummy


Introducing three year old J’ssiah, the little lad with the big heart. He’s been battling a rare form of leukemia for most of his life and now, after liver failure and a lung collapse, his only hope is pioneering treatment abroad. This treatment doesn’t come cheap and so mum Jeanene is fundraising for the estimated £150,000 they are going to need to get J’ssiah what he needs.

J’ssiah’s skin has mottled white as a result of liver failure while he was in a coma. His older brother and sister adore him and would do anything to save his life – they were both tested for bone marrow donations and indeed, big bro was a perfect match and donated. But sadly the bone marrow transplant only worked for a little while.

All hopes are focused on Vit C treatment abroad now. To donate to J’ssiah, please follow this link. 



April 2015 – hair today, gone tomorrow…

Back in October last year we donated money to Friend of Phoenix Features, Lindy, who was gearing up for a big hair cut alongside her daughter, Keeley, in aid of the Papworth Trust, The Little Princess Trust and Follow Your Dreams. Fast forward to World Down’s Syndrome Day 2015 and Keeley had a whopping 18 inches chopped for charity, while mum Lindy waved goodbye to eight inches of tresses for three good causes. We decided to donate to Lindy and Keeley again to help push them over the finish line in the run up to the big day, and they are now over £100 over their intended target – well done team!

You can still donate to any of their causes via their Just Giving page here.

Donate Here

March 2015 – Emelei needs a P-Pod


Spring is in the air and little Emelei is blooming gorgeous! We’re donating this month to a very special little lady who’s had one hell of a year, after an early arrival into the world at just 24 weeks, Emelei has been battling for life ever since. We’re working with Emelei’s mum Donna on a variety of stories (seen here in this week’s Reveal, she also starred in the Mirror just after Christmas and look out for more outings soon!) and it’s our honour to help Donna celebrate Emelei’s achievements and spread the word about premature births.

Emelei’s story has had a profound effect on readers so far and it’s no surprise – just look at the size of Emelei’s first hat. She is an incredibly brave little girl and she’s come so far. Now one, Emelei can not support her head, and is yet to crawl or stand. Donna needs funds to buy Emelei her very own ‘p pod’, a specialised orthotic chair, which will help Emelei gain strength in her back and neck.

You can donate to Donna’s fund and help Emelei get her chair here. 

Feb 2015 – The Purley Park Trust

PPTThe London Marathon is just around the corner and this year we’re sponsoring runner Gen, who is running for The Purley Park Trust. This charity provides high quality services for people with learning difficulties. Their ethos is to spend their money on the people they look after, rather than on advertising and marketing – sounds sensible to us! Good luck Gen and all the other runners!

You can support Gen here and find out more about Purley Park Trust here. 




Dec 2014 /Jan 2015 – The Genetic Alliance UK

genetic-alliance-uk-colour-jpgThis month we are proud to support The Genetic Alliance UK, a national charity working to improve the lives of patients and families affected by all types of genetic conditions. The reason we’re championing this charity is because of a little fella called Dexter, who belongs to a friend of Phoenix Features. Dexter has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic disorder, so rare it doesn’t have its own charity. Dexter is one of just a few people in the world with his unique condition. Because there are so many rare genetic disorders, the Genetic Alliance strives to fund research into genetic medicine. Which is pretty amazing if you ask us.

As is our friend Tom, who is going to do the Three Peak Challenge this year, CYCLING between peaks. Unfathomable! But if anyone can do it, cycling mad Tom can do it. I don’t think it’s ever been done before and certainly deserves masses of support and generous donations! If you’d like to fuel Tom’s ride with your donation, you can donate here.  

Oct/Nov 2014 – The Papworth Trust


We’re a little behind on our charitable donations so we’re combining October and November for a double whammy donation to a very special cause. Friends of Phoenix Features, Lindy and Keeley are a super-power Mum and Daughter combo. We worked with mum Lindy on various stories last time her Rapunzel-like daughter Keeley decided to chop all her hair off for The Little Princess Trust. But her hair has grown back, so Keeley is doing it again!

If you’d like to help Keeley raise money for the Papworth Trust, who support 20,000 disabled people and their families, then you can find out more about them here. And you can donate to Keeley’s haircut at her JustGiving page here. 

September 2014 – Survive

Survive CharityHere at Phoenix Features, we are a little team of very incredible people, if we do say so ourselves. Our writers win awards, our photographers photograph royalty. Rachel is a vital cog in the Phoenix Features wheel, indispensable and brilliant from afar. (We can’t convince her to move to Wiltshire and join us full time, sadly.) 

Rachel has taken on the challenge of throwing some massive tyres around in the name of charity. It’s a fitness challenge known as the Superhuman Games and Rachel is doing her super human feats for Survive DV, a local charity working towards freedom from domestic abuse.
Find out more about the work of the charity here.

August 2014 – Lose The Label

We've been working with the Down's syndrome community for years

Showing society the child comes first, not the Down’s syndrome

We are huge supporters of the Lose the Label campaign. We’ve been working with the Down’s syndrome community for years and are very proud to ensure all the stories we’re associated with are positive and help to further society’s acceptance and understanding of what Down’s syndrome is. We recently started working with the wonderful Michelle, who launched the Lose the Label campaign after the birth of her daughter Mara. (Head on over to our recent stories section to see examples of the campaign in the press.)

Lose the Label is all about promoting the use of Person First Language. Michelle, and the 8000 odd supporters she’s generated on Facebook, are all about showing society the child comes first, not the Down’s syndrome. The posters Michelle and the team have created for the campaign are poignant and inspiring – a simple yet incredibly effective idea.
As Mara has been modelling for us in multiple photoshoots now, and never once complaining, we thought it was time Phoenix Features gave her a little something for her efforts. So this month we’re donating to Mara, whatever her heart may desire!
You can join the campaign on Facebook here:

July 2014 – Niemann-Pick


Niemann-Pick Charity

We’ve been working a lot recently with the lovely Jodie, mum to Joshua, who at seven years old, is suffering from ‘Children’s Alzhiemer’s’. If you head over to our recent stories pages, you’ll see Jodie’s story as printed in Reveal magazine. Joshua was diagnosed shortly after birth with Niemann-Pick disease type C. A relatively unknown condition perhaps, but sadly the symptoms mirror that of dementia and set in when the child reaches the age of about five. Joshua, now seven, has been starting to show the early signs of the diagnosis in the last year or so and now, the clock is sadly ticking.
Jodie is an incredible mum. She has a never ending energy to provide Joshua with everything he needs to make his life comfortable, while also looking after her daughter and completing a degree. The family have held huge fundraising events in the name of the charity Niemann-Pick Disease Group (UK)
Every penny raised counts towards finding a cure before it’s too late for children like Joshua. In addition, the family have their eyes set on an adventure holiday for Joshua, during which he’ll get to fulfil his ambition of swimming with dolphins. We’re donating to Joshua’s dolphin swimming dreams today. If you’d like to donate to the Niemann Pick charity, just click this link… Or get in touch with me if you’d like to donate directly to Joshua.

June 2014 – DEBRA


for people whose skin doesn't work

This month Phoenix Features donated to the DEBRA charity

This month we’re paying good money to see Friend of Phoenix Features Michelle abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Along with a friend, Michelle is monkeying down 170m in the name of dEBra, the charity that supports families living with the condition Epidermolysis Bullosa. Michelle’s gorgeous children live with a rare genetic skin condition called Desmoplakin Deficiency. It affects their lives on a daily basis and they’re almost always in pain. Yet they’re two of the most smiley, happy children you’ll ever see.

The dEBra charity has supported Michelle with advice and contact since diagnosis and like many families, she’d be lost without them. We’ve worked with dEBra many times and can attest that they are a wonderful charity, determined to find a cure for EB in our lifetime. For that, they need research and to research, they need funding. So dig deep! You can donate to Michelle’s abseil here:
And straight to dEBra here:

May 2014 – Cancer Research UK


Donate to Team Woman's Own

Donate to Team Woman’s Own

One of our loveliest magazines, Woman’s Own, are running the Race for Life this month. Well, not the magazine itself, that would be amazing. But the team of champs who work there. Cancer Research UK do an incredible job and every pound raised is a pound closer to a cure. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to see in our lifetime – a cure for cancer? It gets my vote. Good luck Team Woman’s Own, we’re waving the flag for you!

You can donate to the Woman’s Own team here:
And find out more about Cancer Research UK here:


April 2014 – Boudicca Stretton Brown

we're donating to Boudicca Stretton Brown, who's charitable natureThis month, we’re donating to Boudicca Stretton Brown, who’s charitable nature saw her humble idea go world wide thanks to the world wide web…
Boudicca placed a charitable ad on Gumtree that touched hearts across the world. With three children under the age of four, Boudicca wanted to do something to help other mums in her area who were struggling to make ends meet. So she wrote an advert for Gumtree.
“Free home cooked meal for struggling family…”  Boudicca was expecting maybe one person to get in touch.
Within two days she was inundated with people telling her what a lovely idea it was. Then the local radio station called. Then more radio stations, then The One Show wanted to do a documentary about who Boudicca was helping. Even Alan Titmarsh’s show called.
Boudicca did a live link with Australia Breakfast and an interview with the Sunday Times.
While Boudicca found the limelight nerve wracking, she used the experience to her advantage, setting up a charity, One Meal At A Time, helping disadvantaged families feed themselves. If you want to help Boudicca’s cause, you can email her at

March 2014 – Down’s Syndrome Association

Keep Calm Downs Syndrome CharityThis month, we gave our charitable donation to Agi, an 11 year old budding film maker who is saving up for a new camera. We love Agi because she makes documentaries about her sister Magdalena, who happens to have Down’s Syndrome. They are inseparable and Agi is determined to show the world just what Magdalena can achieve. But to do that, she needs a new camera! If you’d like to contribute to Agi’s dream, get in touch with Phoenix Features and we’ll point you in the right direction.

You can watch Agi’s documentaries here.
Learn more about Down’s Syndrome here.
Donate Here

February 2014 – The Stefan Savic Appeal

 This month, a gorgeous young boy needs our help. Stefan, from Bosnia, was born with a facial cleft. He needs one more operation to improve his facial appearance and breathing. The appeal needs £15,000 – and the surgeon is waivering his fee.
If you would like to donate, the donate  button and more about Stefan can be found below.
Donate Here

January 2014: Beating Bowel Cancer

BBCHappy New Year everyone. This January, we’re donating to Friend Of Phoenix Features, Philla Burt, as she embarks on the London Marathon in aid of Bowel Cancer. She’s watched her husband fight bowel cancer for over a year now and is running to raise funds and awareness of the lesser known cancer.

You can donate to Philla’s run here
or donate straight to Beating Bowel Cancer here
Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. Yes, in 90% of cases, early detection can save lives. So funding into research and raising of awareness is vital. Good luck with the marathon, Philla, we’re supporting you from the side lines!

Donate Here

December 2013: Moses in Malawi

It’s Christmas! We wish you all a very merry Christmas. This month we’re donating to a gorgeous little boy called Moses, who lives in Malawi. Friend of Phoenix Features, Emma, has been sponsoring Moses for years and has watched him grow into a lovely young boy. He doesn’t ask for much – when Emma asked him what he’d like for Christmas, he said he’d like some sugar for his porridge. Which just makes me love him even more.

We’re donating to Moses via Emma, who will ensure our donation is put to good use. We hear Emma has her eye on a new bicycle for Moses so perhaps we can buy a helmet! If you’d like to donate to Moses’ educational and living needs, get in touch with us at Phoenix Features and we’ll arrange it.

Donate Here

Oct/Nov 2013: Speech Therapy Kenya


KenyaWe’re doing a double whammy as we’ve got a bit behind on our generosity. We’re donating to Rachael, who is a speech and occupational therapist in Kenya. You can follow Rachel’s blog here.

Rachel is doing an incredible job. We worked together on a story about one very special boy who had touched Rachael’s heart – Newton, in the picture here with Rachael. I’ve enjoyed hearing Rachael’s updates ever since. But she needs funding – her work can not continue without it. A little goes a long way in Kenya so please do dig deep and help Rachael help Kenya!


Donate Here

September 2013: C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal

namaste_largeThis month we’re donating to C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal. Those letters stand for: Children’s Health, Nutrition, Care and Education. Founded by Barbara Datson in 2006, the registered charity aims to improve the lives of children who are sick and under-privileged in Nepal. The charity improves children’s health, education and well being.
You can find out more about the charity here And you can donate using the button below.


Donate Here


August 2013: Cat & Tristan’s Tube Walk

Macmillan_logo_mid_greenThis month we’re donating to Friend of Phoenix Features, Cat Jones, as she embarks on a crazy challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. She’ll be walking the entire length of the London Tube Map – overground – one line at a time, calling at all stops. What a super way to raise money AND get to know London like no one else!11 tube lines, 269 stops and 400 miles. About 800,000 steps, give or take a giant leap.Macmillan Cancer Support offers all types of support: Trained Macmillan nurses, financial support in the form of grants and benefits advice, a helpline, website, leaflets and much more so that those with cancer feel supported.It’ll be an incredible journey for an incredible charity – you can donate to Cat below:

Donate Here

July 2013: Downs Syndrome  Association

 DSAThis month we’re buying ice cream. A lot of ice cream. We have some very special friends who meet up once a year all thanks to the sterling efforts of one very special friend of Phoenix Features – Susan. Susan’s son was born with Down’s Syndrome and when she felt all alone she decided to reach out to other families in the same boat. Now, hundreds of families come to Susan’s yearly meet and it’s earning itself something of a reputation as the party of the year! And we buy the ice-creams. Sort of like an event sponsor, but with more ice cream and children running around. Have a lovely party Susan and friends!


 Donate Here

June 2013: Whale & Dolphin Conservation


wdcA world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Wouldn’t that be a nice world? Sadly it isn’t the world we live in – yet. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation are working hard to raise awareness about the traumatising truth in Japan. Fins are sliced off, blunt ended metal hooks are inserted into blow holes and mother and baby dolphins are killed within sight of each other. These intelligent animals know full well what is happening to their families all around them. It’s brutal and its happening now. But we can make it stop. Sign the petition and donate to the cause.


 Donate Here

May 2013: Parkinsons UK

ParkinsonsParkinson’s affects thousands of people every year.  But with ongoing research, the clever people will figure it out and either prevent it or cure it. In the meantime, all we can do is donate and hope our pennies contribute to that research. Which is why we’re donating to Parkinson’s UK this month, the charity devoted to changing attitudes and finding a cure.

 Donate Here

April 2013: Boston Bombings Recovery Fund

This month we donated to two survivors of the Boston Bombings – we read so many stories about the heroics of people involved that day and the long road to recovery many of those lucky enough to survive, face. Celeste and Syndey are two such survivors and the speed at which they have come to terms with their amputation is incredible. They’ll need funds to support their new lives and you can donate by clicking the button below:

 Donate Here

March 2013: National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

This month we are donating to the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.  This charity provides support and information for people with arthritis. Which isn’t just old people! Children and young adults are diagnosed too – and they need our support. You can donate too, by visiting:

 Donate Here

February 2013: Brain Tumour Association

This month, we’re donating to the Brain Tumour Association, via the lovely Dianne, who we worked with earlier this year. Sadly, Dianne lost the love of her life to a brain tumour and is now fundraising in his memory. The Brain Tumour Association provide support, fund research and make a noise about the needs of brain tumour patients. They are devoted to improving the lives of everyone who is affected by a brain tumour.

 Donate Here

Jannuary 2013: Bare Faced – Go Fund Me

This month we’re donating to friend of Phoenix Features, Chloe, who is gathering up all her friends to do a sponsored ‘Bare Faced’ night – a night without make up, and all in the name of not one good cause but two! Chloe is fundraising for Just for Josh, a charity set up to support a little boy suffering from Niemann Pick disease AND a new Down’s Syndrome support group.  Support Chloe and her friends.

Donate Here

December 2012: Motivation

This month, we’re donating to Motivation, a charity which supports people with mobility disabilities all around the world. Motivation focus on four key aspects of independence: survival, mobility, empowerment and inclusion. Four things we might take for granted but for some, aren’t so easy to come by. To help Motivation with their cause, you can…

Donate Here

November 2012: Rainbows

This month, we’re donating to Rainbows, a hospice for children and young people. The hospice cares for 250 children and their families per year, providing support, multi-sensory facilities, adapted accommodation, a hydrotherapy pool and a music room.

Every penny counts!

Donate Here