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October 2012: Newlife Foundation

The Newlife Foundation helps disabled and terminally ill children across the UK. The foundation supports children and their families, supports nurses, funds equipment and medical research and campaigns to raise awareness of a multitude of childhood illnesses. It’s a big job and they need our support.

Donate Here

September 2012: Sparks

This month, we’re helping Friend of Phoenix Ashley raise money for Sparks, fundraisers for life saving medical research into conditions affecting babies, children and mums-to-be. They aim to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by serious illness or disability today, whilst seeking ways to better diagnose, treat and prevent these conditions in the future.

Donate Here

August 2012: Save the Whales

This month we were traumatised to read in the news about the devastating treatment of Orca whales (killer whales) in SeaWorld venues around America. The whales are kept in tiny pens, bullied, manhandled, the depths of their ill-treatment are so shocking it’s amazing that anyone ever buys a ticket to their shows. We are donating to Save The Whales, who are involved in all kinds of projects to educate children about mammals in captivity. We definitely approve.
Please do donate – let’s all save the whales!

July 2012: Above & Beyond

This month we’re donating to Above and Beyond, a Bristol based charity raising funds for Bristol’s nine hospitals. The charity aims to help improve the hospital environment, fund innovative research, support and train hospital staff and provide state of the art equipment. Sounds good to us. To make a donation, click here:

June 2012: Bolton Smiley Faces

This month, we’re donating to the delightfully colourful charity Bolton Smiley Faces.
Bolton Smiley Faces is a parent-led Down’s Syndrome support group, with an aim to support families and carers and all those with an interest in Down’s Syndrome in Bolton and the surrounding area.
If you’d like to donate, or you need their support, you can get in touch here:

May 2012: Downs Syndrome Association

This month, we’re giving our donation to a charitable cause a twist. Friend of Phoenix Features Susan Stanton is hosting a mammoth party on the beach for her son William, who has Down’s Syndrome, and all the many friends she has made as a result of William’s diagnosis. The beach party is fast becoming an annual meet for families all over the country, united by Down’s Syndrome, friendship and a desire to celebrate. We thought that this month, we’d buy everyone an ice cream! To support the Down’s Syndrome Association, please click here.