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April 2012: National Autistic Society

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left]This month we’re donating to the National Autistic Society, via friend of Phoenix Features, Nick, from the Sunday Mirror, who’s not just doing one marathon, or two, but one and two halves.
The National Autistic Society is the UKs leading charity for people affected by Autism. Over half a million people in the UK have autism. Together with their families they make up over two million people whose lives are touched by autism every single day. Despite this, autism is still relatively unknown and misunderstood. Which means that many of these two million people get nothing like the level of help, support and understanding they need. Together, we are going to change this
To find out more and donate, please click here:
And you can help Nick on his way here:

March 2012: Samantha Dickson Trust

This month we’re donating to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, via the commissioning editor of Love It (one of our favourite magazines, obvs)… Kerry is running the London Marathon and has raised over £600 so far – all contributions gladly welcomed here.

Here at Phoenix Features, we find it much easier to donate to people running marathons than to actually run marathons ourselves. Go Team Kerry!

February 2012: Blind in Business

This month, we’re giving to Blind In Business, charity set up to help blind and partially sighted students into work through training and employment services. Blind In Business encourages blind and partially sighted people to identify and achieve their ambitions.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit
To learn more about the charity, please visit

January 2012: Haiti Hospital Appeal


This month, we’re donating to the Haiti Hospital Appeal. Since 2006, the Haiti Hospital Appeal has been working to establish a quality form of health care that is not restricted to the few but a right for all. Moved by the depth of suffering and hopelessness that Haitians experience every day, Reninca and her team seek to bring transformation to communities where even the most basic health care has been unavailable.

The work they do is incredible and they need our support. 90p of every £1 goes directly into helping those most in need. The remaining 10p helps Reninca deliver their message across the world and raise the next £1.

December 2011: Laura McPhee Memorial Fund

This month we’re donating to the Laura McPhee Memorial Fund. Sadly, this time last year Laura, then just nine years old, suffered a fatal asthma attack. In her memory, her family are raising awareness about asthma, what to do in an emergency and how to cope with it. Laura’s family are publishing a series of books called The Adventures Of Laura Bear, which will be given out in schools and doctor’s surgeries across the nation. You can order a copy from their website here.

November 2011: Saving Faces Charity

This month we are donating to Samantha Jones, who is jumping out of a plane to raise money for her son Connor and the charity Saving Faces. Sam is very nervous about her jump (who wouldn’t be?!) and we wish her all the best. If you’d like to donate to Sam’s cause, you can click here.

October 2011: Msizi Africa Foundation

This month we are donating to the Msizi Africa foundation – a charity that gives children access to nutritious food and shelter. The charity currently helps 1000 orphans – but there are over 15 million orphans in Sun-Saharan Africa so they need lots of support and funds to spread their good work further afield.

To donate, or find out more about the charity, click here.

August 2011: DebRa

This month, we are donating to the fund raising cause of Peter Fincham, who has two children suffering with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). DebRa is the charity trying to help both Grace and Freddie, as well as the thousands of kids around the world who suffer from this terrible skin condition. Peter fundraises constantly but any donations are greatly appreciated – you can donate here:

July 2011: Go Fund Me

This month we’re donating to Bernadette Lowe, who is raising money for a friend in need.

Bernadette, a mum to triplets herself, is cycling around the Isle Of Wight in aid of her friend’s triplets. They were born at 27 weeks and have severe brain damage due to a stroke. Two of the triplets can’t walk, they have sight and speech problems. Their mum does everything she can to care for the girls but she needs help. To help Bernadette raise money, you can sponsor her here:

June 2011: Children of Fire

This month we’re donating to the Children Of Fire. Bronwen Jones has been caring and fighting for young children burnt in fires of South Africa for years.

The charities aim to help young survivors of burn injuries (whether by fire, chemicals, electricity or hot liquids) in Africa and to help and educate the communities in which they live, providing both prevention and cure. Any money raised goes towards the medical costs of caring for these wonderful, brave children.
Please do have a look at Bronwen’s website, and if you’re feeling generous, every penny goes a long way…