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Collapsed in a Nightclub

Collapsed in nightclub storyKatie’s story will have us all declining that tenth shot of Sambuca. Once a lager ladette, Katie decided to completely turn her life around after a health scare. She’s now a t-total and loving it. She told her story to Now magazine to help highlight the growing concern around binge drinking. Paving the way for a healthier lifestyle, we think Katie is an advert for sobriety!



Katie was a beer swilling, pizza scoffing ladette. But all that changed when she fell in love…

My life was going nowhere, fast. I’d been fired from my job as a waitress for turning up to work reeking of alcohol. Two weeks later, I’d spent £1200 in my local pub. Seeing how much of a profit I was making him, the boss offered me a job. I’d drink lager all night – as much as 20 pints. I’d knock back shots and by the end of the night I’d be able to get through two entire pizzas. In the morning I’d get up and demolish rounds of toast and leftover pizza. In a year, I put on nine stone. But I didn’t care – I was having it large.

I was one of the lads. Everyone laughed at me when I was drunk – I just thought they were laughing with me. When I took to the dance floor and pulled out my best moves, my friends would giggle – the sight of my 19st frame wobbling about on the dance floor was never going to be sexy. I refused to wear plus size clothes so I bulged out of every outfit but I didn’t care. I was vulgar, I was loud. I was unhappy.

One night, I went out on the town with some mates from work, including the doorman, Paul. We went clubbing and I got so drunk that I passed out on the dance floor. I had a seizure and Paul had to carry me home. I was so terrified that I had epilepsy or something serious, I was booked in for a CT scan.

‘You can’t drink for the next six weeks while we run tests,’ the doctor said.

Sober, I had time to re-evaluate who I was. I didn’t want to be that girl anymore.

‘Would you like to go out for dinner?’ I asked Paul.

A fitness freak, in the gym five nights a week, I was amazed when Paul said yes.

We haven’t spent a day apart since.

When I stopped drinking for the doctor, I never started again.

The CT scans came back clear – there was nothing wrong with me, I’d just drunk too much. But it was the wake up call I needed. I fell in love with Paul and suddenly, 4am pizza marathons didn’t seem so appealing. In love with life, I stopped craving crisps while I was at work. Instead of gorging an entire family sized bar of chocolate, I could stop at just one square. In nine months, I lost eight stone. But it was the change on the inside I was most proud of. Waking up without raging hangovers, Paul and I could do fun things with his children from a previous relationship.

I have learned that the important thing in life isn’t to be the loudest person in the pub, it’s to be in a loving, fulfilling relationship. And finally, I can wear clothes that fit!