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The 4 Step Process of Selling a Story.




We will talk about what your real life story is and which magazines might consider running your feature. You can ask us any questions you like before deciding whether to proceed. We’ll ring you, to save money on your telephone bill, and we’ll only arrange calls at a time convenient to you.



Magazines and newspapers are always more interested and will pay more money for real life stories if they can be illustrated with great photos. We will discuss which ones are available and which you are happy to use.



Once we have done the interview, we will pitch your real life story to the media. A ‘pitch’ is an outline of your story, illustrated by the photographs you have provided. We will liase with numerous editors to ensure you get the best offer and the most money guaranteed.




We take a lot of pride in making sure that we reflect what you want to say. Before we send the finished feature to the publication, we read it back to you so you can make any last-minute changes.