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How Much Can I Sell My Story For?

How much is my story worth?

This is usually one of the first questions we’re asked and with good reason! Of course you want to know what you could earn from your story. Until we pitch your story to the magazines we can’t tell you for certain. What I can do is give you a guide price. I know the industry inside out and I know what will be popular, what will sell like hot cakes and could earn you thousands!

Total Stories Sold in Aug 2015 £22,800

Short, unusual, funny and lighthearted stories usually sell from anywhere between £100-£500. At the other end of the scale, a story about a relationship or a crime story could go for anything up to £2000. And that’s per publication – we aim to get your story into many magazines and newspapers both here and across the world. As you get paid every time we sell your story, the fees you can earn from your story could sky rocket.
“Up to £3000!” Could be paid for a double page spread in a newspaper or magazine. This amount will go up if you choose to appear in multiple publications.
Don’t forget about TV appearances too! Morning chat shows like Daybreak and This Morning also love real life stories and might invite you onto the sofa for a chat, adding to your potential earnings. Once I have spoken to my editors about your story, I’ll be able to give you a firm offer (usually numerous offers!) in writing, for your consideration. Each publication pays the agreed fee as soon as they publish your story.

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