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Isla the Smiler – Reveal Magazine

Isla The Smiler – there can be no better title to describe the story of little Isla, the brave four year old who, due to a complex digestive issue, can not eat or drink a drop. Not even water. At first it can be easy to overlook just what an impact that could have on your life, but it’s overwhelming in reality. Think of all the ways food and drink are associated with almost everything we do. Celebrating, socialising, comforting, recharging, soothing – food and drink are integral to the very foundation of our lives.

Mum Ashlee is incredible – she’s encouraged Isla to cook and play with food so it doesn’t become a scary unknown. Isla is quite the young masterchef and enjoys watching her family enjoy her creations while she can’t. Such a sweetheart – we hope she’s well enough for Great Ormond Street to run tests to help her soon.

Isla is in this week’s Reveal magazine and will be coming up in more titles soon – watch this space!