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Phoenix Turns Ten!

Ten mighty years ago, I started out as a newbie freelancer. After a year working at the nation’s biggest and best mega-agency, SWNS, my friend and I launched Phoenix Features together. After a few years I went solo and have been running my little enterprise ever since. I have a little team of helpers who support various aspects of the business and I couldn’t do it without them. Nor would I still be here if it wasn’t for the amazing commissioning editors I work with every day.

So I went to London and took them all out for drinks. I schmoozed them, for they deserve a schmoozing. I met with the lovely ladies of Best, Woman’s Own, Bella, Chat and Take a Break during a whistle stop tour of London.

Here I am with my editors – amazing women who always take the time to read my stories and hear my pitches – who knows if there’s another ten years left in this industry (please keep buying magazines!) but it’s been a hell of a ride so far. I’ve written about so many people, so many things, so many adventures and escapades – it’s my dream job.

The lovely ladies of Woman’s Own, Chat, Pick Me Up & Woman magazines.