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Romany’s first birthday – the Sun

WITNEYsun (Small)Last week we had this wonderfully colourful story in the Sun newspaper. It’s not the first time we’ve helped Witney tell her story, for when baby Romany Rose was born, we told the story of Witney’s wildly expensive baby gifts for her. Witney loves nothing more than to buy lots and lots of pressies for her baby daughter. As Romany approached her first birthday, Witney started organising the biggest, best, balloon filled, bouncy birthday party a one year old could ever dream of. I’m talking a £450 princess castle birthday cake, 500 balloons, three bouncy castles, seven princesses, one Spiderman, dozens of presents including a baby Range Rover.

The Sun ran the feature accompanied by some fantastic photography by our very own photographer Gareth Iwan Jones, who attended the party. (Perhaps his first 1 year old’s birthday party) Romany Rose is one lucky lady and her story will soon be seen in Bella magazine too.

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