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The wonderful Fiona here shares her determination to help cancer patients get through treatment with something other than chemo in the diary. As Fiona herself painfully knows, when you’re fighting cancer, sometimes chemo is the only thing you’ve got in the diary. And so, Fiona set up ‘Something To Look Forward To’, giving patients and their families treats like spa days, cinema trips, dinners and adventures. It’s a gorgeous sentiment and a vital cause, as the cancer statistics continue to loom large over our country.

Fiona’s story is in My Weekly Specials edition this month. You can donate to Something To Look Forward To by clicking here.

Janine is one of the most wonderful people I have ever written about. I just wish that I wasn’t writing about the heartbreaking circumstances Janine finds herself in. We’ve worked together lots now and she is the funniest, warmest, most loveliest woman ever. Her daughters have inherited all those beautiful traits and also have a way with words that puts me to shame – check out the letter they wrote their mum in the attached article.

Janine has secondary incurable cancer. She has a hell of a fight on her hands but fight she does. Meanwhile, she’s also raising awareness of the importance of women (and men) checking their bodies for lumps and bumps regularly – making a boobie date once a month. Check out Janine’s website here. 

She’s also frantically raising money for her own treatment plan because the NHS is out of options for her. So if you can spare any pennies, click through to Janine’s site and donate.

Read Janine’s story in this week’s Woman Magazine. And here she is winning Mum Idol in the Sun on Mother’s Day. A most deserving accolade for this SuperMum!

brookjaninetab-jpeg-largeI adore this family. Janine radiates positivity, humour, confidence and charm – all things that would disappear from my personality if I was facing what she is – a terminal cancer diagnosis. But her personality shines through her daughters too, who have grown up in the shadow of cancer and who are adorable, brave young girls. The letter Sophia wrote to her mum brings a tear to my eye and was the inspiration for us to do Janine’s story in the form of a letter to her daughters. It certainly packs an emotional punch.

Janine has a message for us all – remember to check your boobs. She runs a facebook page called Boobie Date and hopes her story will remind us all how important it is to check for unusual lumps regularly.

Please visit for support.

yorklejlabellaThis is the story of Lejla, a young woman struck with breast cancer, determined to fight with a smile on her face. Her indomitable spirit was such a joy to write about. Cancer pushed Lejla to try new things, get a divorce and eventually, fall in love with new fella Chris. She was warned on many occasions that her cancer drugs would affect her fertility and so she accepted it was highly unlikely she’d fall pregnant. Instead, Lejla discovered she was having twins, and no-one had mentioned that one of her drugs is also a known fertility booster. It’s a truly incredible happy ending for a lovely family.

Out in this week’s Bella to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’d like to share a story about cancer, please do get in touch today.

LYNCHkayleighWO (Medium)There is something about the way we’ve written Kayleigh’s story in the style of an open letter to her beautiful daughters that really knocks me for six. I cry every time I read this story! Kayleigh is an incredible mum, so generous, so thoughtful, so kind. Sadly, she is battling cancer and has been told there’s only a few options left. But Kayleigh keeps fighting, for two reasons: her two gorgeous daughters.

Kayleigh is using her fee for the story to take the kids on an adventure. Money very well spent, I say. Kayleigh – we love you! If you’d like to donate to Kayleigh’s experiences, please get in touch with me and I’ll organise.

A fabulously positive first story of 2016 – three incredible women with inspiring stories to tell of the friend / daughter / doctor who saved their life. Jo’s daughter called for an ambulance when she slipped into anaphylactic shock. Just two years old at the time, the experience had a profound effect on Izzy, who’s gone on to campaign to encourage other kids to know how to call for an ambulance, saving infinite other lives in the process. And she’s still only eight years old!
Suzie’s gastric band went wrong, leaving her in cardiac arrest for 45 minutes. Her surgeon, Dr Halstead, never gave up on her and Suzie is now loving every minute of the life he saved. Finally Cath and Claire, best friends who shared a weight loss journey. Claire inspired Cath to lose weight on the Cambridge Weightloss Plan – when she did, she discovered a lump she would otherwise not have felt. Her cancer was advanced and aggressive and she was able to get the medical care she needed. Cath credits Claire with saving her life.

Happy 2016 one and all – here’s to friendship, families and medical marvels. To lives saved and lived to the max. We’re so lucky at Phoenix Features, getting to write about incredible people like this every day.

DOYANCkellyMIrror (Small)Over the last decade, there’s been a swathe of ‘Turkish Love Rat’ stories in the UK media. We love them – British woman goes to Turkey, falls in love, gets screwed over. The reason I love this story so much is it completely turns that cliche on its head. Kelly did indeed fall in love while on holiday in Turkey, but her man, Ali, has been her rock while she’s battled incurable cancer. Their love is genuine, sweet and it’s forever. We need more stories like this in our media – happy, life affirming stories that give us all hope!

This was published in the Mirror a few days ago. You can read the full story online here. 

If you have a love story you’d like to share, we can help you sell your story. Call or email me today and we’ll discuss!

In Bella this week, Mike pays tribute to his beautiful late wife, who battled cancer while pregnant and was determined to win. Sadly, the cancer returned. Helen passed away in March 2013 and since then, Mike has been adjusting to life as a widower and dad to their two gorgeous kids. The story is heartbreaking, but Mike was determined to share what he’s been through so he could help other families learn to smile again.
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Treating my illness could kill me

Jo is facing an impossible situation. She has two terminal illnesses, and sadly attempting to treat one of them means the other will kill her. Her cancer doctors won’t let her pulmonary hypertension doctors treat the pulmonary hypertension, the pulmonary hypertension doctors won’t let the cancer doctors treat the cancer. In the middle of it all is Jo, the most wonderful, smiley, giggling, happy woman I’ve ever worked with. Sensibly, Jo is focusing on life’s happy moments, spending time with her son and making memories, while her army of wonderful friends raise the money she needs for potentially life saving alternative treatment in Thailand. 

Jo needs all the help she can get. If you would like to donate to her cause, please get in touch with me and I’ll direct you to her Just Giving page.
Jo’s story appeared in Reveal magazine, you can read the full story here.

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