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GraziaRoseanneVery proud of our story in this week’s Grazia. Statistics state that the stigma of talking about mental health still keeps many of us from opening up to our families for over a year. That’s over a year, suffering in silence. But recent statistics also indicate that mental health problems like depression are even more rife in sportsmen, thought to be the combined pressure of feeling that having any emotional problems isn’t seen as ‘manly’ and being under immense expectation to perform to their peak week in, week out.
Sadly, cases of sportsmen driven to attempt suicide are on the rise and most recently footballer Clarke Carlisle attempted to take his own life following a serious depressive episode.

For Grazia magazine we interviewed Roseanne and Brett, who had been through sadly similar circumstances themselves just two years ago. Brett is a professional rugby player and mounting pressures led him to feel he had no choice but to attempt suicide. He survived and has since flourished, accepting help from his wife and a councillor, Brett now speaks openly about his mental health and has encouraged many other players to vocalise their troubles.

If you or someone you love in the sporting world is experiencing mental health problems, please visit

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Roseanne and Brett for their honesty and desire to publicise their story in order to help anyone else going through a similar time. Please do buy this week’s Grazia to read their story in full.

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