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Saved By My Siblings

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reveal magazine
We love to see our stories in Reveal Magazine – it’s one of the best glossy, celeb weekly magazines. They’re incredibly sensitive and the stories always look lovely on the page.┬áHere we have Katie, who was sadly diagnosed with cancer as a teenager. There was only one option – a bone marrow transplant. And the best chances of success were if the marrow came from a close blood relative.
At this stage, Katie’s three adoring sisters stepped up, eager to be tested and hoping to save their sister’s life. Only one sister was a match – little Ginny, the youngest. For Ginny to be the only match was the last thing Katie wanted, she was only nine at the time. But Ginny was fearless – all she wanted was to see her sister healthy again.
And so the transplant happened. It was incredibly traumatic for both sisters but it was a success and Katie is now planning her future, all thanks to her little sis.
It’s the kind of story that makes you want to ring your sibling and let them know you love them. You can read the full story by clicking more.

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