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I have such a soft spot for writing about animals and the amazing humans who dedicate their lives to helping them – here we have Michelle, founder of DOTS – Dogs on the Streets – a charity set up to assist the homeless population in the care of their dogs. Michelle taught me so much I didn’t know about the homeless sector and it was so inspiring to listen to her and learn about her efforts to support homeless people and their dogs.

You can read her story online here and support Michelle here

Father’s Day is nearly upon us and so it seemed like an apt time to write about my old man… Unusually even now, let alone back in the 1980s, my dad brought me up by himself. A single dad with a penchant for danger… what could possibly go wrong?! Somehow, I’ve turned out relatively unscathed.

In Prima magazine this month, I pay tribute to the madcap adventurer who turned my childhood into a grazed-knees, sunny, competitive party, with prizes at every turn. Thank you Papa.

Catch us in Prima this month!

If you’d like to tell a story for Father’s Day, please get in touch today. We love dads over here!

Another week has flown by – busy as we ever are writing about the wonderful women we write about! We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the leap year, here at Phoenix. We’re writing about love, love and more love.
We’ve written a wonderful story about a teen mum who decided to parent by doing the exact opposite of what her parents had done. Neglected and denied praise or cuddles as a child, she’s given her children a foundation of support, love and encouragement. As a result, they are thriving, charming, adorable kids. This will be published soon and we’ll be raving about it again then – it’s a wonderful, feel good story.

Talking of wonder-mums, we’ve also written the story of Tracey and her THREE sets of twins, all naturally conceived. So that’s six children, all twins. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying, but Tracey and her husband have taken it all in their stride. We sold Tracey’s story to the Sunday Mirror and it’ll also appear in That’s Life soon… and beyond!

Supermums of the world: get in touch today! Let’s celebrate you.

LawrenceKristinaNew (Small)It seems eerily strange that the terrorist attacks that shook London to its core happened ten years ago today. It feels like a long time ago, and yet only yesterday. Suicide bombers killed commuters on buses and tubes in a choreographed attack.

Kristina was one of the survivors and went on to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Survivor’s Guilt, consumed with confusion over why it had happened, why she’d survived when others had died, and what she could have done differently. It’s taken her the best part of a decade to accept the devastating consequences of the day. It was only last year, conquering a trek in Papua New Guinea, that Kristina felt at peace with the past. She is now raising money for Australian charity R U OK? Which strives to help suicidal people communicate before it’s too late. A concept very close to Kristina’s heart.

Kristina’s story accompanies other survivors in this week’s New Magazine.

WDSDwoman2015 (Small)I’ve been working with families in the Down’s syndrome community for several years now, and am proud to put my name to so many life affirming, positive stories about children who have Down’s syndrome making their families complete. I feel that with every positive story we do, we’re changing perceptions and breaking taboos.

Sadly there are still some stories with negative connotations and a few weeks ago I spotted a story in Woman about a mum who wishes she’d aborted her son, who has Down’s syndrome. Ouch! I rallied some troops to respond to the article and thus, this week in Woman, there’s our response article, nicely timed as it’s World Down’s Syndrome Day on March 21st. Please do buy Woman this week and show your support for the Down’s syndrome community.

Later this week I’m going to post some of my previous articles about Down’s syndrome to keep the momentum going. I’m so touched by all these stories and the families who let me into their lives and trust me to write their stories, make me feel truly honoured. Thank you all!

WILLISkimTOPSANTE (Small)Sometimes I go ‘behind the camera’ so to speak – and write about myself! This month in Top Sante, the fitness magazine, I explored my fear of dancing for a feature about facing your fitness fears. I have always avoided dancing in public, even leaving my husband to dance the first dance at our wedding with his ten year old niece.


But in the name of overcoming the phobia, I found myself at a salsa class surrounded by confident, fearless dancers. It was baptism of fire, that’s for sure. But by the end of the night I was actually having fun and relished pushing myself to try something new. Now I suppose I owe my husband that dance…

Sometimes we have to write stories that stay with you forever. Gemma’s mum developed dementia was Gemma was just six years old. Zoe remains the UK’s youngest dementia diagnosis. Gemma and her younger sister Louise are absolute gems and stuck together when they were young and their mum was taken into hospital. Gemma spent her childhood acting as a surrogate mum to her little sister and now, the young women are best friends as well as sisters. 

Their story is heartbreaking, but beautiful too, as Gemma guides us through the pain of watching her mum suffer, while also figuring out how she’d cope AND be a rock to her little sis.
You can read more about Gemma’s story, featured here in New! Magazine, here.

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We’re very proud to be the go-to writers for the Down’s syndrome community. Here we have Michelle, mum to the beautiful Mara. Mara is spearheading a revolution – and we’re on board! Michelle was fed up with the derogatory way doctors, nurses and people on the street spoke about her daughter. So she started a campaign – Lose the Label – to gently educate the world about choice of language used. 

The campaign has gone global. Not only have we placed Mara and Michelle’s story in Bella, the Sunday Mirror, New and Woman (those last two are yet to be published, watch this space) but around the world too. Families are joining the Lose the Label campaign from every corner of the world and each new poster helps one more person think. Well, at least one. More like one thousand. Look out for Mara on a billboard near you!

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Treating my illness could kill me

Jo is facing an impossible situation. She has two terminal illnesses, and sadly attempting to treat one of them means the other will kill her. Her cancer doctors won’t let her pulmonary hypertension doctors treat the pulmonary hypertension, the pulmonary hypertension doctors won’t let the cancer doctors treat the cancer. In the middle of it all is Jo, the most wonderful, smiley, giggling, happy woman I’ve ever worked with. Sensibly, Jo is focusing on life’s happy moments, spending time with her son and making memories, while her army of wonderful friends raise the money she needs for potentially life saving alternative treatment in Thailand. 

Jo needs all the help she can get. If you would like to donate to her cause, please get in touch with me and I’ll direct you to her Just Giving page.
Jo’s story appeared in Reveal magazine, you can read the full story here.

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