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DANIELSrachelTAB (Large)Hello everyone! Happy World Down’s syndrome Day – a momentous global celebration uniting every corner of the world. You can read more about the events taking place here. 

Last year I wrote a blog charting all the stories I’d been lucky enough to write in the preceding 12 months, and I did the same the year before… Here I am again! I am so, so proud to have written so many life-affirming stories about extraordinary people in the Down’s syndrome community, who have kindly welcomed me into their fold. Together, we have championed Down’s syndrome and illustrated over and over again that Down’s syndrome is no impediment to a fulfilling, happy and rewarding life, that society need not fear Down’s syndrome, that we are, in fact, lucky to know these talented, charming, confident, gorgeous individuals.

NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) continues to gather pace and what I’d like to be writing about this time next year, is that the NHS retrained all medical professionals in the reality of Down’s syndrome, so that the inevitable increase in prenatal diagnoses is accompanied by a fresh and realistic portrayal of what life might have in store. To screen out Down’s syndrome would be to create a society lacking diversity and says more about society than it does about Down’s syndrome.

To the Down’s syndrome community I say I love you and I say thank you. Thank you for continuing to let me write about and celebrate you. Here’s this year’s collective of our stories: Read more

It is without doubt the proudest achievement of my career, to continue to write so many wonderful stories about and for the Down’s syndrome community. Last year I wrote a blog looking back on all the stories I’d published, to mark World Down’s Syndrome Day. So here I am again as the collection continues to grow!

I am honoured that so many people in the Down’s syndrome community put their trust in me. Telling stories with person-first language, ensuring sensitivity and tact are employed throughout the journey and helping to spread a powerful message, I am humbled to be a small part of a lovely army. The message is more important than ever – this year saw the NHS introduce a new antenatal Down’s syndrome test. Would a world that eradicates disabilities and thus, that which makes some of us a little bit different, really be a better place?

Click here to see more of the stories I worked on this year… Read more

WITTkathrynTAB.jpeg (Large)Well here’s a story that’ll make you smile! The infectious grin of a certain little lady named Florence. This beautiful baby is the daughter of Kathryn, a young mum who was not phased by Florence’s Down’s syndrome diagnosis. One day Kathryn took a super-cute photo of Florence and put it on Facebook to share with friends and family. One like… two likes… suddenly, 100,000 likes from all over the world! Florence was on a mission to show the world Down’s Syndrome was nothing to worry about. It was such a pleasure working with Kathryn and bringing that beautiful smile to a few more people.

Regular readers will know that we write lots of wonderful stories for the Down’s syndrome community, here at Phoenix. If you’d like to share a story, please get in touch today.

Family Relationship Story

This is the beautiful, humbling story of two sisters who share a world of fun, adventure and kindness. Oh, and one of them has Down’s syndrome… not that she lets that get in the way of her ambitions. Agi, 12, shares her story here with teen magazine Top of the Pops, explaining to readers that Magdalena, eight, has Down’s syndrome, but that’s something to be celebrated. Agi is a budding filmmaker and has been making documentaries about Magdalena for years. 

The films are a great success (have a look at Agi’s YouTube channel: Agi K) and help educate the next generation about the misunderstandings around Down’s syndrome. Agi and Maggie were delighted with their feature in Top of the Pops and Agi put her fee towards a new camera….
You can read more here…

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Downs Doesn’t Define Our Children

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We are very proud of every positive story about Down’s syndrome that we feature in the national press. Each story is one step closer to a society that sees children who have Down’s syndrome as no different to children who don’t. And what a wonderful society that will be. Here we have three mums and tots starring in New Magazine. Liane, 34, from Glasgow, and son Kai, Hannah, 24, from Shropshire, with daughter Ella and last but by no means least, supermum Michelle, 45, from Cambridge, and daughter Mara. 

Why the supermum title? Michelle has been spearheading a campaign called Lose the Label for some time now and it’s a global success. Little Mara is teaching the world: See me first. Michelle and Mara recently featured in Bella and the Sunday Mirror (see our recent stories for the display) and there’s a few more in the pipeline too.

You can join the Lose the Label campaign on Facebook here.
Read more about the New story below…

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