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Happy World Down’s syndrome Day 2019! It’s become my tradition to collate all the stories about all the legends of the Down’s syndrome community I’ve written about in the past year, to mark this wonderful, worldwide celebration. I have written about amazing children like Max, who I wrote about over Christmas for Best and Chat, who is just about the most gorgeous little elf in the world. I wrote a lovely feature for Best in the style of an open letter from mums Emma, Pippy and Vicky to themselves, offering advice on the day their children Corin, Leo and Audrey came into the world. Remember the Carpool Karaoke video that went mega-viral? We placed a story about a few of the mums involved, in Bella. And then there were a few stories about older people who had Down’s syndrome and are blazing trails – beauty queen Kate shared her story in the Sunday People and huge, happy congrats to Heidi, who shared her story in Best just recently, detailing the day her fiance proposed. I look forward to writing about your wedding, Heidi!

For more information about Down’s syndrome, visit an online community offering friendly support for parents and an up to date, balanced view of life with the condition.

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Happy World Down’s syndrome Day! Time for my annual love fest – click below to see a collection of the incredible families I’ve written about in the last year. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to use my pen (alright, keyboard) to celebrate so many inspiring young people. These are the game-changers, the rule-breakers, the cliche-defiers – while there’s never been more urgency to highlight what Down’s syndrome actually is (and not what medical professionals would STILL have us fear it is) these little legends are going about their legendaryness with aplomb. Just by being who they are, the ripple effect across society says We. Are. Awesome. So while NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) looms into view, the Down’s syndrome community are here to say #wouldntchangeathing.

For more information about Down’s syndrome, visit an online community offering friendly support for parents and an up to date, balanced view of life with the condition.

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Oh how I wish I was writing about something else when it comes to Sarah – this glorious, hilarious, brave and wonderful woman has been so fantastic and kindly let me into her life at such a difficult time. We’ve grown close and I very much wish life wasn’t so a cruel mistress! Here she is being her gorgeous self in New! this week.

You can support Sarah by buying her lovely book, aimed at children whose parents have had a cancer diagnosis. Available on the Osborne Trust website. Catch her story in New! now.

It is without doubt the proudest achievement of my career, to continue to write so many wonderful stories about and for the Down’s syndrome community. Last year I wrote a blog looking back on all the stories I’d published, to mark World Down’s Syndrome Day. So here I am again as the collection continues to grow!

I am honoured that so many people in the Down’s syndrome community put their trust in me. Telling stories with person-first language, ensuring sensitivity and tact are employed throughout the journey and helping to spread a powerful message, I am humbled to be a small part of a lovely army. The message is more important than ever – this year saw the NHS introduce a new antenatal Down’s syndrome test. Would a world that eradicates disabilities and thus, that which makes some of us a little bit different, really be a better place?

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I’ve been working with the NHS on some incredibly humbling stories about organ and blood donations. Here is Tor, born with cystic fibrosis, in desperate need of a new pair of lungs. Tor was incredibly articulate and wise about the complex nature of needing new lungs. You desperately want them, but you know in order for you to receive new lungs, someone else has to give them away… and we know what that means. Tor is forever grateful to her donor and their family and takes comfort in knowing that her donor lives on inside her, with every healthy breathe she is now lucky enough to take.

Organ donation is a wonderful thing – our final gift back to the world before we rejoin the stars. Three people die each day while waiting for a transplant because there are not enough people signed up to give their organs away. It’s hard to think about for sure, but a wonderful thing to do. Sign up online at

Tor’s story is in this week’s New! Magazine. Happy Christmas Tor!

If you’ve been given an incredible gift, please get in touch today to share your story.

LawrenceKristinaNew (Small)It seems eerily strange that the terrorist attacks that shook London to its core happened ten years ago today. It feels like a long time ago, and yet only yesterday. Suicide bombers killed commuters on buses and tubes in a choreographed attack.

Kristina was one of the survivors and went on to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Survivor’s Guilt, consumed with confusion over why it had happened, why she’d survived when others had died, and what she could have done differently. It’s taken her the best part of a decade to accept the devastating consequences of the day. It was only last year, conquering a trek in Papua New Guinea, that Kristina felt at peace with the past. She is now raising money for Australian charity R U OK? Which strives to help suicidal people communicate before it’s too late. A concept very close to Kristina’s heart.

Kristina’s story accompanies other survivors in this week’s New Magazine.

School supplies.It’s been another super week of stories at Phoenix Towers. After a week off (swanning around the South of France topping up my tan and showing off my GCSE standard French) I returned to my beloved office raring to go. I’ve been writing up a feature about a survivor of the July 7th terrorist attacks which brought London to its knees ten years ago. Kristina’s life changed that day and she went through an incredibly difficult but soul searching few years, finally finding peace trekking in Papua New Guinea in 2014. It’s a powerful story and you can read it in New! Magazine next week.

I’ve also been writing about the country’s youngest pageant star – hitting her first pageantry stage at the tender age of 22 days old. And the heart warming story of young lovers torn apart by teenage angst, only to be reunited six years later, older, wiser and ready for life together. Which is lucky as they soon found out they were having twins. The story of love and adventure will be seen in Take a Break Summer Specials soon.

My pencil is primed and ready, so if you have a story to sell and would like to sell it with me, then please get in touch today. All enquiries are handled sensitively and I’ll explain how the process works before I ask you to share your story.

Merci beaucoup! (I’ll stop doing that soon.)

Dad stole my childhood

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Here at we’ve had the honour of working with Siobhan over the last few years. We share a love of the image of the Phoenix – Siobhan named her charity the Phoenix Project and over at Siobhan is helping fellow victims of childhood abuse come to terms with their past and let go of any feelings of blame. 

Siobhan is a true heroine. Her father spent her childhood abusing her and convincing Siobhan that she was somehow responsible for the abuse. It took Siobhan a long time to realise that she was not to blame. Her father was convicted of his crimes and Siobhan now holds her head up high – a shining example to not only other victims but to anyone who’s ever considered what it is to be a good person.
Siobhan shared her story in a few magazines, in her quest to reach as many other victims as possible. Here she is in New! Magazine. You can read more here.

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Downs Doesn’t Define Our Children

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We are very proud of every positive story about Down’s syndrome that we feature in the national press. Each story is one step closer to a society that sees children who have Down’s syndrome as no different to children who don’t. And what a wonderful society that will be. Here we have three mums and tots starring in New Magazine. Liane, 34, from Glasgow, and son Kai, Hannah, 24, from Shropshire, with daughter Ella and last but by no means least, supermum Michelle, 45, from Cambridge, and daughter Mara. 

Why the supermum title? Michelle has been spearheading a campaign called Lose the Label for some time now and it’s a global success. Little Mara is teaching the world: See me first. Michelle and Mara recently featured in Bella and the Sunday Mirror (see our recent stories for the display) and there’s a few more in the pipeline too.

You can join the Lose the Label campaign on Facebook here.
Read more about the New story below…

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