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A fabulously positive first story of 2016 – three incredible women with inspiring stories to tell of the friend / daughter / doctor who saved their life. Jo’s daughter called for an ambulance when she slipped into anaphylactic shock. Just two years old at the time, the experience had a profound effect on Izzy, who’s gone on to campaign to encourage other kids to know how to call for an ambulance, saving infinite other lives in the process. And she’s still only eight years old!
Suzie’s gastric band went wrong, leaving her in cardiac arrest for 45 minutes. Her surgeon, Dr Halstead, never gave up on her and Suzie is now loving every minute of the life he saved. Finally Cath and Claire, best friends who shared a weight loss journey. Claire inspired Cath to lose weight on the Cambridge Weightloss Plan – when she did, she discovered a lump she would otherwise not have felt. Her cancer was advanced and aggressive and she was able to get the medical care she needed. Cath credits Claire with saving her life.

Happy 2016 one and all – here’s to friendship, families and medical marvels. To lives saved and lived to the max. We’re so lucky at Phoenix Features, getting to write about incredible people like this every day.

iStock_000013683505SmallHappy New Year One and All! We’ve made it through the dreariness and darkness of January and soon, spring will be welcoming us into its warm, loving arms. We work ahead of the clock here at Phoenix towers, so we’re already looking for spring-like stories.

So if you have an amazing Mother’s Day story you’d like to tell, now is the time to tell it! Perhaps you’d like to publicly thank your mum for being there for you through a tricky time. Maybe you’d like to raise awareness about a tough time you’ve been going through yourself as a mum. Or maybe you want to celebrate motherhood and everything it has taught you – whatever your story, if we can make it work for Mother’s Day, please get in touch now.

Another upcoming event is, of course, Valentine’s Day, so if you have a super-romantic story about an unusual proposal or wild love story, we would love to hear it. We love relationship stories, the good and the bad, so get in touch today to see how much you could earn from your story working with us.

New Year Old You

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We love putting together lifestyle pieces for glossy magazines, especially when it might encourage people to reignite a passion for a long lost hobby. (Might have something to do with a long lost love of tap dancing ourselves…)


Here’s Cecile and Fiona, appearing in Woman Magazine celebrating their love of childhood hobbies. Read all about it here.

A recent survey revealed that £18.4billion is spent a year on hobbies – about £384 a year per hobbyist. But of those surveyed, one in ten people have had to abandon their favourite hobby entirely, which for many means a drop in their quality of life. For Fiona and Cecile, going back to their childhood hobbies has given them a new lease of life…