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Palamedes PR

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HURSTnatashaWOMAN261We’re proud to announce that we are working alongside Palamedes PR to help bring their stories to the forefront of national media.

Palamedes is an award-winning UK based PR agency that supports businesses and individuals seeking positive publicity in the British and international media. You’ll have read a Palamedes story many times without even knowing it. Big clients range from the Samaritans and BBC Audio Books to Monster Slippers. (You know you love them!)

They specialise in securing international coverage for authors, and businesses in travel, tourism, property and more. They work closely with celebrities and have an outstanding reputation. If you have a book to sell or your business needs press relations, I highly recommend their services, they’ll increase recognition of your brand many fold.

I help Palamedes when women’s magazines could be interested in one of their clients. Women’s magazines are my forte! So when Palamedes sign up an author who’s story would work well for a woman’s magazine or as a feature for a national newspaper, I step up and do my thing. We’ve had some great success stories so far – pictured here is the incredible story of Natasha Hurst, a yo-yo dieter who finally realised where she was going wrong – and has now written a book about her journey packed full of insightful healthy eating advice, which you can see more about here.