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Next month, kids go Back To School – and to mark the occasion we worked with Prima Magazine to celebrate four women who also went back to school, taking an adult learning course, hobby or lesson to improve their skillset as adults. I loved working with these women and their stories look fantastic and inspiring. Estelle’s photography class led to a new career, Sally’s DIY skills course gave her confidence to do her own odd-jobs around the house, Sally is becoming a whizz with the saxaphone and Sian has tried so many cookery classes that I’d very much like to have dinner at her house!

A wonderful medley of skills. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby! Out now in Prima.

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I don’t know where the time goes… but here we are! Since I last blogged, we’ve gained and lost the New Day, the ‘good news’ newspaper from the people who brought us the Mirror and the People. It was a lovely idea but sadly it would seem investors didn’t give it the space and time it needed to grow a fanbase. After 11 weeks, Britain’s first new newspaper in yonks disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

And while we’re lamenting the demise of a great publication, this month sees us wave goodbye to Prima’s Baby and Pregnancy magazine. A progressive, informative, well designed magazine that sadly could not keep up with the changing face of print journalism. Another one bites the dust! But we’re still here and so are a great many magazines and newspapers. Let’s hope that continues, because here at Phoenix Towers, we love to write and really don’t want to have to get a real job…

It is without doubt the proudest achievement of my career, to continue to write so many wonderful stories about and for the Down’s syndrome community. Last year I wrote a blog looking back on all the stories I’d published, to mark World Down’s Syndrome Day. So here I am again as the collection continues to grow!

I am honoured that so many people in the Down’s syndrome community put their trust in me. Telling stories with person-first language, ensuring sensitivity and tact are employed throughout the journey and helping to spread a powerful message, I am humbled to be a small part of a lovely army. The message is more important than ever – this year saw the NHS introduce a new antenatal Down’s syndrome test. Would a world that eradicates disabilities and thus, that which makes some of us a little bit different, really be a better place?

Click here to see more of the stories I worked on this year… Read more

WATSONdonnaPrimaA most uplifting story in this month’s Prima Baby, featuring Donna King, who suffered a stroke shortly after giving birth. Recovering at home, she had to relearn to walk. Inspired by the efforts of her toddler daughter, Donna surprised the doctors with her amazing recovery. An inspiring story about the power of love and healing! Huge thank you to Donna for sharing her incredible story with us.

If you have a health story you’d like to share, please get in touch today. Thanks!

WELLStiffanyPrima1A story to celebrate the powerful connection between mother and daughter, here’s Tiffany in Prima’s Baby and Pregnancy Magazine out this month. Tiffany had been overweight before taking diet and exercise to the extreme, seeing her weight drop to a dangerous new low. It was the birth of Tiffany’s adorable daughter Amber, that taught her she couldn’t mess with her health anymore. Wanting to set a good example for her daughter, as well as be as fit and healthy as she could be so she can keep up with Amber’s toddler-energy, Tiffany is now a healthy weight and happier than ever.

Obesity and anorexia are tricky subject matters to cover, but Prima have done a superb job. If you’re keen to share your weight-related story, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

iStock_000018228934XSmallAs always at Phoenix Towers, it’s been busy. While the August sun flirts with the clouds, we’ve been focusing on Christmas and all things festive. We’ve been writing stories about people who stuck to their new year resolutions, people who’ve come a long way since last Christmas, and people who gave birth to twins and triplets on Christmas Day. It’s a funny old thing, writing about Christmas in August, but by December, we’ll be looking at Mother’s Day, and so the world continues to spin!

On a non-Christmas front, we’ve seen our beautiful story of Karen and her younger-fella unite to look after their baby daughter, for Prima Baby. We’ve seen our examination of what happens when one half of a couple is a gymophobic and the other is a gymaholic, as seen in Fabulous, and mum Helen’s story of how her son was lost in a world of autism, in Woman’s Own. The people we write about continue to inspire and amaze us.

If you have a story about Christmas that you’d like to sell, it’s not too late! Please get in touch today.

HARRUPsarahPRIMAbaby (Small)Here’s an incredible health story which we featured in Prima Baby magazine. It’s the story of Sarah-Jane and her baby, Sienna.

Not a lot of people can claim to have had their first operation while still in the womb, but that’s what happened to Sienna. Duing Sarah-Jane’s pregnancy, a lump was picked up in scans on Sienna’s neck. It was obstructing her airways and doctors worried that she wouldn’t be able to take her first breath.

The only option was a high risk procedure to operate on the baby while she was still in the womb. And so, at 37 weeks, a C-section begun. It was high risk for Sarah-Jane too as she’d be on the operating table a lot longer than is normally recommended.

But after the two hour operation, both mother and baby were alive and well. The obstruction was a thyroid swelling and subsided as soon as doctors compressed the windpipe. Baby Sienna took her first breath safely and successfully.

It really makes you very grateful for the medical advances that have meant stories like this give hope. You can read more of the story below.



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Tomorrow marks World Down’s Syndrome Day 2015. It’s on the 21st March because the number 21 is the magic number… Chromosome 21 is one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in humans. People normally have two copies of this chromosome. The trisomy of the 21st chromosome causes Down’s syndrome.

On the 21st March people across the world unite to celebrate Down’s syndrome. Once feared, understanding and acceptance has become more common place now. It’s hard to believe that people who had Down’s syndrome used to be institutionalised. But those were different times.

I’ve been working with the Down’s syndrome community for years, ever since I met a very special lady called Susan who shared her story with me. We’re still friends to this day and I’ve watched her family grow with awe. I thought I’d mark WDSD by posting some of my favourite stories that I’ve had the honour of working on, in my continued quest to celebrate families in the Down’s syndrome community and help educate and inform the general public about what life with a child who has Down’s syndrome could actually be like.

So thank you Susan, Michelle, Helen, and all the lovely mums who have allowed me into your world. Happy Down’s Syndrome Day! Please click the link to see just some of the stories I’ve worked on – pretty proud of this!

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The Charity Of Strangers

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This lovely story illustrates the kindness of strangers and how a little generosity can go a long way. Little Scarlett was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after birth. She needed a special kind of ‘vest’ that helps vibrate her chest and encourage her to cough up mucus. But Scarlett’s parents couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t available on the NHS. Step in, generous strangers! One kind man donated £2000 and their £10,000 target was reached in just a few days. Scarlett’s story restores your faith in humanity and you can read more about it here…

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I Was Meant To Be Their Mum

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Here is Super Mum Christina sharing her story in Prima, the lovely parenting magazine. Foster mum Christina has taken two very special children under her wing permanently, and when you read about Mikey and Dean we think you’ll understand why. Gorgeous family – read more here…

Christina loved being a foster mum. But there were two very special children who she just couldn’t let leave her family…

Christina, 53, explains:

After I’d had four children, I was a single mum and wanted to help other kids who hadn’t had it as lucky as my own.

In 2004, I qualified as a foster parent.

I had a few children come to me – all with different stories. Some for a week, some for a few months. Then along came Dean.

As soon as he was in my arms, I know he was going to be mine forever. There was no way I could have ever let him go. Read more