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Becky was an absolute dream to interview, such fun and an open, honest, wonderful person. She’s in the current series of the Undateables on Channel 4 and we placed her story in Reveal magazine to coincide with the series.

Becky has severe scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, and spent many years feeling low in confidence, not helped by a series of awful dates with men who couldn’t cope with the fact Becky needs a wheelchair or crutch to assist her. But her journey through the Undateables has boosted her confidence and helped Becky see just what a fox she is.

Here’s hoping she finds the love story she so truly deserves in the near future. Catch her episode on All 4 now!

While there’s no doubt Pippa Middleton looked beautiful on her wedding day, the reported one million pounds she spent on it seems rather indulgent to us… That kind of money could go a long way for a lot of people! Oh how the other half live…

In Reveal this week, Steff shares the story of her wedding, which was beautiful, charming, romantic, detailed, vintage, thoughtful and under £1000. Steff’s story perfectly illustrates how, with a bit of style and know-how, you can have a wonderful wedding day without going OTT.

Did you spend ludicrous amounts on your wedding? Do you regret it now? Or maybe you, like Steff, had a canny wedding day for a bargain price? We’d love to hear your wedding stories – get in touch today!

That I get to write about extraordinary women like Memory fills my heart with pride. That extraordinary women like Memory exist, fills my heart with joy. Memory grew up determined to choose for herself when she would marry, despite her culture forcing children as young as ten to marry against their will, often after they’d experienced the horror of a sexual initiation camp, which is every bit as horrific as it sounds. Memory said no. Memory said no for herself and through her tenacity and determination, she said no for generations of women to follow her. She changed the law and she will change the culture.

Out in this week’s Reveal. Check out Plan International UK for more of their campaigns.

FREEDdaveReveal (Large)I love working on stories like this – in Reveal this week, we look at Shared Parental Leave and why, despite a government scheme introduced two years ago to encourage dads to take a longer paternity leave, so few men actually are. Dave champions the joys of taking a longer leave and makes some really salient points about his career being no more or less important than his wife’s. A true feminist! His leave has meant a special and deep bond has formed with baby James and I hope his story inspires more fathers to take that extra time off.

Out now in Reveal! Please get in touch today if you’d like to share your thoughts on this topic.

CORBETTlauraReveal (Medium)After January Jones expressed in an interview that she doesn’t want the father of her child in their lives – and doesn’t think a kid needs a dad around to become an all-round champ of an adult, Reveal magazine wanted to debate whether she’d posed a fair point. The lovely Laura (on the left in the article) debated that what children need is a happy home and a lot of love and support. Like January, Laura is proud to be raising her twins on her own and in a salient, power packed point, declares that being a single mum isn’t a failure, it’s her proudest achievement. YES LAURA!

Out in this week’s Reveal.

Statistics suggest a sorry outlook for marriages these days – the average couple now divorces at the age of 30. The younger age can contribute to feelings of embarrassment and fear of a new future, but for these three women, taking back their independence gave them a new identity, new confidence, new plans for a new life. I’m so proud of them all for admitting defeat now and not in 30 years time – for starting over with a smile and looking to 2017 as a new beginning. Out now in Reveal magazine.

If you’re a young divorcee and you’d like to share your story, get in touch today. Thank you!

Blogger, vlogger, podcast host, public speaker, student and London Fashion Week reporter – Emily is many things. Many incredible things. She’s also registered blind, as a condition left her blind in her right eye and with just 10% vision in her left. With guide dog Unity by her side, Emily is on a mission to show the world that her visual impairment doesn’t stop her living her life or loving her fashions. The way she describes what fashion means to her is so beautiful – it’s not just about colours. For Emily, fashion is about the smell of a vintage shop or a swoosh of a maxi skirt.

She’s a lovely young lady and I was thrilled to write about her for Reveal magazine. Out this week!

If you have an inspiring story like Emily’s that you’d like to share with the world, please get in touch today.

It is without doubt the proudest achievement of my career, to continue to write so many wonderful stories about and for the Down’s syndrome community. Last year I wrote a blog looking back on all the stories I’d published, to mark World Down’s Syndrome Day. So here I am again as the collection continues to grow!

I am honoured that so many people in the Down’s syndrome community put their trust in me. Telling stories with person-first language, ensuring sensitivity and tact are employed throughout the journey and helping to spread a powerful message, I am humbled to be a small part of a lovely army. The message is more important than ever – this year saw the NHS introduce a new antenatal Down’s syndrome test. Would a world that eradicates disabilities and thus, that which makes some of us a little bit different, really be a better place?

Click here to see more of the stories I worked on this year… Read more

In this week’s Reveal, to coincide with International Woman’s Day, I had the honour of writing about five beautiful women who are determined not to hide from the world. Acid attacks are prolific in India, where they are used as a means of revenge for reasons that would bewilder different cultures. Turning down a marriage proposal, disputes over land, not providing a son. It’s a tragedy, but one that shows little sign of being resolved. The Indian government claims to offer £3500 to acid attack survivors – only five are known to have received this. In reality, medical assistance, surgery and treatment costs nearly £50,000.

Many women are so horrified by their scars they spend years refusing to leave the house. But times are changing. Stop Acid Attacks is a charity determined to give survivors their lives back, and give those lives meaning. We covered the story of five survivors launching a cafe, Sheroes Hangout, their smiles beaming from happy faces. The world is full of bad people doing terrible things, but stories like this remind us that the world is full of beauty and wonder too.

To support the cafe, please visit

Men don’t get much of a look in when it comes to ‘real life stories’. We tend to focus almost entirely on women, so it was refreshing to work on this report for Reveal magazine. Nathan (main photo) opened up about how he started taking diet pills and steroids in a bid to boost his size because he felt pressure to look a certain way. It’s easy to forget men feel pressure to look good too! And perhaps not as easy for men to open up about it, so huge thank you to Nathan for doing so.

If you’d like to share your experiences of taking diet pills or steroids, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!