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Kirsty is one inspirational powerhouse – just look at her transformation! Now, she’s challenging herself to conquer the pull-up and she runs a Friday night running club, building a community of like-minded running fans. If you’ve set yourself a resolution to get into shape in 2020, read Kirsty’s story!

Out now in Top Sante.

WELLStiffanyPrima1A story to celebrate the powerful connection between mother and daughter, here’s Tiffany in Prima’s Baby and Pregnancy Magazine out this month. Tiffany had been overweight before taking diet and exercise to the extreme, seeing her weight drop to a dangerous new low. It was the birth of Tiffany’s adorable daughter Amber, that taught her she couldn’t mess with her health anymore. Wanting to set a good example for her daughter, as well as be as fit and healthy as she could be so she can keep up with Amber’s toddler-energy, Tiffany is now a healthy weight and happier than ever.

Obesity and anorexia are tricky subject matters to cover, but Prima have done a superb job. If you’re keen to share your weight-related story, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

SchoolSport (Medium)So thrilled with my story in this month’s Essentials magazine. Not only do our lovely ladies Michelle, Cazz and Karen look super-fit, their stories are inspiring and wonderful. School sports tend to get forgotten as we enter adult life but these women are testament to the fact that a little bit of an old school sport can pay dividends for your health, fitness and social life.

You can read the story in Essentials this month.

If you would like to share a story about how a sport helped you change your life, we’d love to hear it. Please get in touch today!SchoolSportHockeyNetball (Medium)

Inspirational weight loss – for The Sun

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WELLSeloiseSUN (Small)Really proud of the lovely Eloise’s story in today’s Sun. The inspirational fitness fanatic has come a long way from her days at uni, spending all her student loan on kebabs, cheap shots and clothes that didn’t quite fit. It took a long road but Eloise is now a happy and healthy size eight, with an emphasis on being strong, not skinny.

She works in a gym, is training to be a PT and nutritionist and is generally a million miles from her old self. But reflecting on what she experienced in her uni years makes Eloise the insightful, intelligent woman she is today.

If you have a strong weight loss story like Eloise’s and would like to sell your story to the national press, please get in touch today.

Pick up today’s Sun to read Eloise’s story in full!

WOdrinkers (Small)This story was published in the New Year and I’m only just getting it up on the site, despite being very proud of it. As a seasoned non-drinker myself these days, I loved celebrating these women, all of whom quit drinking only to see their lives blossom.

The average Brit spends A YEAR of their life hungover, when you add up every headache and fry-up. Pretty crazy, huh! But there is a growing trend for leaving binge drinking in the past and instead embracing more fulfilling and meaningful ambitions and pastimes. Katie stopped binge drinking, and therefore late night pizza marathons, and lost 9st. Heloise switched the late night parties for rock climbing, knitting and walks on the beach. And Karen decided to ensure she never missed another day’s work thanks to a hangover. After she quit the booze, she got a promotion and her career has been thriving ever since.

A little inspiration for all the party animals out there – drinking is fun, but not drinking is even better!

The story appeared in Woman’s Own. If you have a story about how and why you gave up drinking, please get in touch with me today. Thank you.

iStock_000013663657SmallSpring is finally in the air, after a long, cold winter! And as spring invites us into its warm, gentle hug, we’re looking forwards toward summer. Summer is the time for stories about weddings, holidays and adventures. So, if you have a story with a summery vibe, please do get in touch. We’re always interested to hear what you have to say and will work hard to make your story a reality in the summer pages of your favourite magazine.

Did you lose lots of weight for your wedding? Maybe even had surgery especially for the big day? Or maybe your wedding went wrong? Wedding themed stories are always of interest!

As for holidays and adventures, we want to hear about your holidays of a lifetime – meeting the man of your dreams abroad, starting a new business in a hot, sunny country, going travelling to clear your head… Whatever your holiday story, we’re keen to hear it. Make sure you’ve got great pictures to help illustrate your story and get in touch today. Your holiday story could be worth it’s weight in gold…

iStock_000013683505SmallHappy New Year One and All! We’ve made it through the dreariness and darkness of January and soon, spring will be welcoming us into its warm, loving arms. We work ahead of the clock here at Phoenix towers, so we’re already looking for spring-like stories.

So if you have an amazing Mother’s Day story you’d like to tell, now is the time to tell it! Perhaps you’d like to publicly thank your mum for being there for you through a tricky time. Maybe you’d like to raise awareness about a tough time you’ve been going through yourself as a mum. Or maybe you want to celebrate motherhood and everything it has taught you – whatever your story, if we can make it work for Mother’s Day, please get in touch now.

Another upcoming event is, of course, Valentine’s Day, so if you have a super-romantic story about an unusual proposal or wild love story, we would love to hear it. We love relationship stories, the good and the bad, so get in touch today to see how much you could earn from your story working with us.

I Lost and Gained 33 Stone

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We’ve all been there. You proudly lose a few pounds, so you reward yourself with some cake… and before you know it, you’ve gained more than you lost. The eternal yo-yoing of the frequent dieter. For Natasha, it was a back and forth journey that lasted years and saw her lose and gain hundreds of pounds. Eventually, she broke free of the cycle of dieting and realised the secret to the success of a constant, happy, healthy weight. 

To join her, you’ll have to read her excellent book, The IntoTrim Plan, available at
Natasha’s story appeared in the Mirror and Woman Magazine. Read more below

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Wedding Secrets

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Wedding secrets

Here we have three gorgeous brides letting us in on what they were thinking on their wedding day. Firstly Clare, who lost a lot of weight and nearly her life, in the run up to the day. Her wedding signifies a time when life started to get a bit easier and we think she looks absolutely blooming lovely! We also interviewed Charlie, who married young and had a hunch that she was making a mistake, and Becky, who marred a man before realising she was gay. All three of our brides showed great retrospective wisdom and honesty. And as always, Reveal made the story look super! Read more