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The Charity Of Strangers

This lovely story illustrates the kindness of strangers and how a little generosity can go a long way. Little Scarlett was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after birth. She needed a special kind of ‘vest’ that helps vibrate her chest and encourage her to cough up mucus. But Scarlett’s parents couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t available on the NHS. Step in, generous strangers! One kind man donated £2000 and their £10,000 target was reached in just a few days. Scarlett’s story restores your faith in humanity and you can read more about it here…

When Lisa’s daughter was diagnosed, Lisa feared for the worst. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, Scarlett’s been fitted with a life saving vest.
Lisa, 23, explains:
Scarlett was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was just six months old.
Colin, 28, and I were told that her life would be tough: Scarlett would need daily physiotherapy and medicine. Whenever she fell ill, she’d need extra medicine and two weeks in hospital.
And every time she was ill, it would weaken and damage her lungs further. Life expectancy was 41 as she got older, she’d only get worse.
But there was hope. A special vest, not available on the NHS, could help Scarlett breathe.
Scarlett’s condition affects her internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, by clogging them iwth thick, sticky mucus. It makes it hard for her to breathe and digest food.
But the vest, worn once a day for ten minutes, would help clear the airways and improve her breathing by connecting Scarlett to a special machine which provides a kind of physiotherapy. It massages and vibrates her, encouraging her to cough up mucus.
Coughing up mucus and getting it out of the system means she is less likely to develop infections and need hospital visits.
But the vest cost £10,000. We didn’t have that kind of money.
We started appealing for donations and within days, friends, families and complete strangers had donated.
‘Scarlett’s beautiful smile is worth every penny,’ donators wrote.
It only took us two weeks to raise the money – due in no small part to very generous donations. One stranger gave us £2000, meanwhile, unbeknown to him at the time, his brother also gave us £500.
A married couple who’s son had sadly died in 1982 due to cystic fibrosis had been saving money ever since to donate to someone who needed it and they got in touch, donating £1300.
We couldn’t believe people’s generosity. It was very humbling.
As soon as we bought the vest, we put Scarlett in it. She’d never looked so pleased with herself!
She’s still too small for it though – she’ll be able to start using it properly as of August, when she’ll be 18 months old. We raised twice as much as we needed so we’ll be using the leftover funds to help other children with Cystic Fibrosis.
Scarlett just has that way about her – people wanted to help her. Now it’s our turn to help other people too.