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Welcome to the School of Life – New Day

K.ANITA.NewDay (Large)Anita’s story fills my heart with hope – her children are educated at home, but not home-educated… Anita’s incredible gift to her children is to teach them lessons that can’t be learned in a classroom, every moment of the day.

They’re growing up as confident, happy, intelligent people and reading Anita’s story, you can’t help but feel that the traditional education system across the UK leaves a lot to be desired.

Anita was cautious about telling her story but put her trust in us and we’re both so pleased with the resulting feature in the New Day – a story that respects where Anita is coming from, paints a vivid picture of the wonderful life her family are leading and hopefully changes perceptions about what it is to homeschool your children.

First step, don’t call it homeschooling. It’s free-learning, creative education, unschooling. I hope it is the future.